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so sick of this

So Sick of This

Lessons in coping with chronic illness.Normally, illness is an uncomfortable inconvenience. You commiserate with co-workers after a sick day or two. But what if...
arrivals and departures

Departures and Arrivals

Caring humans and an electronic device save a man from cardiac arrest.The mid-January morning began like dozens of others we’d experienced. My longtime partner,...
luna anona workout warning

A Workout Warning

For our writer, a single session of high-intensity exercise caused rhabdomyolysis, a dangerous breakdown of muscle tissue.Approximately three years after I decided to change...

What’s the Buzz?

CBD, star of the new cannabis boom, is coming to a health product near you.You can drink it. You can vape it. You can...
Sacramento Magazine Top Doctors 2018

Sacramento Magazine’s Top Doctors List 2018

All of the physicians on our Top Doctors list have earned the stamp of approval from their peers. They have been chosen through a...
Art and Pain

Art and Pain

Researchers from UC Davis are collaborating with the Crocker Art Museum to relieve chronic pain.“Every day, you have a choice,” says Teresa Sedano. “Are...