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cooking with culture

Cooking with Culture

For many cultures, food is more than nutrition. It’s tied to celebrations, and it’s the quintessential way to get to know your neighbors and...
Abby Inkster talks about blood clots

Wellness: Blood Clots

Abby Inkster admits it may seem ironic that she, a nurse practitioner, didn’t recognize her own blood clot. But here’s the thing: Clots can...
moving beyond the mirror a look at the sport

Wellness for Mind, Body and Spirit

Hit the gym five days a week. Train for a 5K. Go for a walk at lunch. Sound familiar? You probably hear or read...
sacramento magazine's top doctors

Sacramento Magazine’s Top Doctors 2021

The classic board game "Operation" can provide an evening of laughs. But in real life, it isn't so funny if your heart needs mending,...

Tinnitus Help

Whether it torments daily or just annoys from time to time, the ringing, buzzing and similarly sinister sounds of tinnitus are a surprisingly common...

Probiotics: Hype and Hope

Google “probiotic” plus any body part or health condition and you’ll find a probiotic product for sale. Trouble sleeping? Try Peptiva. Bad breath? There’s...