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Eskaton: A Commitment to Innovation

Eskaton has been a trusted advisor and provider of senior living and services throughout Northern California for over 50 years. As a local nonprofit,...
easy workout tips

Easy Tips for Moving Your Body

For many people, the shift from going into the office to working from home has been a good thing. There’s no commute. There’s potential...
kate washington

Who Cares – An Interview with a Caregiver

Writer Kate Washington was a 42-year-old with a bustling freelance career and two young daughters when her husband, Brad Buchanan, was diagnosed with a...
immune booster

Immune Boosters

Understandably, 2021 may be remembered as the year of the vaccine. But it’s only one tool in the battle against COVID-19.Though we tend to...
health doctor

Talking About Health

A few months ago, when an internal medicine vet called to discuss the results of our sick kitty’s ultrasound, I put my cell on speaker phone so...

7 Things To Know About SAD

For Rocklin resident Linda Blackmarr, it happens every year like clockwork.Literally.“Every year I dread the time change—that’s when I start getting anxious,” she says. Thus begins...
covid gift

The Gift That COVID Brought Me

Somewhere up in heaven my dad is smiling.COVID-19 wreaked much havoc on our world.It also brought me closer to my family scattered across the...