A Look Back


On the Front Lines

THE SACRAMENTO NURSES WHO ATTEND TO COVID-19 patients belong to a lineage of distinguished medical professionals that extends deep into our city’s history. In this...
robert handsaker photography

Caught on Film

SINCE PHOTOGRAPHY MONTH SACRAMENTO TAKES PLACE in April, it’s a fitting time to honor notable photographers of our region’s past, such as Sacramento Bee photojournalist...
image investigators

Image Investigators

THE CENTER FOR SACRAMENTO HISTORY sometimes gets a little help from its friends. Take the above photograph, which was classified as unidentified. Center staff...
del rodgers

Sports Authority

A decade before KCRA 3 sports director Del Rodgers joined the station, he frequently appeared on TV in a different capacity: He was a...
snow day

Snow Day

Nearly two inches of snow fell on Sacramento during a storm in late January of 1922. According to a Sacramento Bee story from Jan....
Grant Union High School

The Show Must Go On

File this photo under the letter “P,” for “Perseverance.” After a fire on Dec. 8, 1973, that destroyed the Grant Union High School gym...

A Look Back – Friends in All Weather

Two women brave the elements in this photo taken circa 1965 near 10th and J streets. Photo courtesy of: Center for Sacramento History, Joseph Benetti...

Happy Halloween!

Sometimes a photo speaks for itself, and this one has to because so little is known about it. It was taken at a children’s...
independence day

Picture-Perfect Independence Day

Although Fourth of July isn’t a “dress up” holiday for most of us, that wasn’t the case for these young people in 1912, when...
Dunlap Family

The Distinguished Dunlap Family

Talk about home cookin’. From 1930 into the 1960s, African-American entrepreneur George T. Dunlap and his wife, Annie Louise, operated a restaurant out of...