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Grant Union High School

The Show Must Go On

File this photo under the letter “P,” for “Perseverance.” After a fire on Dec. 8, 1973, that destroyed the Grant Union High School gym...

A Look Back – Friends in All Weather

Two women brave the elements in this photo taken circa 1965 near 10th and J streets. Photo courtesy of: Center for Sacramento History, Joseph Benetti...

Happy Halloween!

Sometimes a photo speaks for itself, and this one has to because so little is known about it. It was taken at a children’s...
independence day

Picture-Perfect Independence Day

Although Fourth of July isn’t a “dress up” holiday for most of us, that wasn’t the case for these young people in 1912, when...
Dunlap Family

The Distinguished Dunlap Family

Talk about home cookin’. From 1930 into the 1960s, African-American entrepreneur George T. Dunlap and his wife, Annie Louise, operated a restaurant out of...
Gov. Jerry Brown

A Long Public Life

This month, as Gov. Jerry Brown leaves office, we’re circling back to his earlier days with an image of him campaigning in San Francisco’s Union...
Pancake Circus

Would You Like Pancakes with Your Ballot?

The people queued up outside Pancake Circus aren’t waiting for pancakes. They’re waiting to cast their votes for California governor. In the November 1982...

A Jewish Tradition for 25 Years

The state capitol’s 11-foot-tall menorah made its first appearance on Nov. 27, 1994. In this Sacramento Bee photo from that year, Chabad of Sacramento’s...

A Look Back: Every Worker Counts

During World War II , as many of the region’s men left for military service, labor shortages became commonplace, and women and immigrants started...

A Look Back – Busted!

CRACK A SAFE OR PICK A POCKET—or at least get arrested for doing so—and your infamy might live on for 150 years or more. With...