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toilet paper

Don’t Just Roll With It

Are you sitting down? We need to talk about something that might make you feel uncomfortable.We need to talk about the sustainability of toilet...
Contact Tracer Dr. Olivia Kasirye

15 Minutes With Dr. Olivia Kasirye

Sacramento County Public Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye discusses the role of contact tracers in fighting the spread of COVID-19.Can you explain to our readers what a...
wide open walls Nosego

Mural Festival

What with months of the relentless virus and now weeks of smoky air, have we ever felt more trapped in our homes? What some of us...

Soaring Sights for the Eyes

Two things that are reliably rewarding to stare at are creative artwork and public television. You have an opportunity to engage in the former...
916 ink

For the Love of Lit

In the past, 916 Ink’s major fundraiser—Hot Literary Nights—has been a fun-packed evening on location at the organization’s Imaginarium and described by founder Katie McCleary as...
Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Wildlife Sightings

Many of us are drawn to the wild. It’s a connection Edward O. Wilson, author of “Biophilia: The Human Bond With Other Species,” describes...
ginger elizabeth opening soon

How Sweet It Is

Ginger Elizabeth Hahn, owner of Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates, is expanding her empire with a patisserie, set to open on J Street within a few...
jewish food

Hurry to Order Your Jewish Food Faire Delights

Do you like Jewish food? Ah, of course, many of you are saying “Yes!” But what about the rest of you? Are some of...
alice waters food hub

Food Hub

If there’s any doubt that the term “farm to fork” has become less a marketing mantra and more a rallying cry to promote healthy...

Sole Concerns

If you consider yourself to be environmentally responsible yet you often buy new shoes, your “green” cred might be on shaky ground.Running shoes are...