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wrap paper

That’s a Wrap!

If you are fortunate enough to inhabit a nice home full of good things and loving family members, and every holiday season you have...
st. john's cookie delivery

Cookie Delivery

CSA subscription boxes filled with produce have been around for decades. Now there’s a subscription service for people who love sweets. Red Door Desserts Club offers...
Dry Diggings Distillery

From Intoxicant to Disinfectant

Bars have been shuttered as part of Gov. Newsom’s coronavirus-control efforts for some time, and as a result of a shift in public needs, many local distilleries altered their...
kru bento box

Kru Comes Out With Bento Boxes

With indoor dining recently halted because of rising COVID-19 numbers, restaurateurs are getting increasingly crafty in their attempts to make money and feed the public. Exhibit...

Headshots for Dummies: 8 Tips

Sorry, but that selfie you’ve been using as a headshot has gotta go. That’s what the experts say, anyway. In today’s increasingly virtual (thanks to COVID) business...

Good Reads

Nestled in the heart of Sutter Street in Historic Folsom is Ruby—and her 12,000 hand-picked books.Ruby is a neighborly 5-year-old golden retriever and the inspiration behind the...
best of sacramento box

Best of Sacramento Gift Box Now On Sale

Have you heard that the first-ever Best of Sacramento Gift Box is now on sale? Get your exclusive box today before we sell out....
jazz musicians cozza and mesich

Jazz Legends in the Making

Two Sacramento born and raised friends from Rio Americano High School (’14), Sterling Cozza and Emery Mesich, have produced a modernized jazz album, pulling jazz standards dating back to the early 1900s...
woodland opera house

Three Wise . . . Ghosts?

God bless us everyone, because Woodland Opera House is poised to present a fresh spin of a treasured holiday classic that is certain to make us forget all...
grief Margo Fowkes

Navigating Grief’s Choppy Waters

In 2014, Margo Fowke’s 21-year-old son, Jimmy, died after an eight-year battle with brain cancer. A year later, her mother died. In 2017, the Loomis resident started the...