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dave nelson cooking

Cooking Up a Show on Facebook Live

COVID-19 was just the kick in the pants Dave Nelson needed. A culinary instructor at American River College, he’d been playing with the idea...
sspca doggy dash

SSPCA’s Doggy Dash Goes Virtual

Sacramento SPCA’s Doggy Dash won’t be a walk in the park this year—but it can be a walk in your own neighborhood!  For its 27th...
bankert face in a book

Chat With Good Morning America’s Adrienne Bankert

Adrienne Bankert is a familiar face with a timeless, yet timely, message: Kindness is key.This Wednesday, June 24, the broadcast journalist and Good Morning...
cal state fair

Fair Fare

With the state fair canceled this summer due to the pandemic, how are you going to get your deep-fried Twinkie fix? Easy: Through CA...
film festival

French Film Festival Goes Virtual

Chances are, you’re not flying off to Paris this week for the romantic vacation of a lifetime. (Even if those were your plans, pandemics...
yorba wine vineyard

On Wine: Taste of the Ranch with Yorba Wines

Just over the hill in Amador County, there is a special piece of land called Shake Ridge Ranch. Planted in the early 2000s, this...

Lowbrau Moves to the Street

Midtown’s Lowbrau Bierhalle will reopen on Friday, June 19, as an outdoor beer garden in the middle of 20th Street between J and K.Michael...
clay ceramics sculptures

Clay Dates!

If the extent of your experience with ceramics is when you last watched Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze at the potter’s wheel in that...

Backyard Birding

Birds. They’re strikingly intelligent, often jaw-droppingly gorgeous, masterful courters and nest makers, and some are givers of gifts. They’re highly social and communicative, singers...

Sacramento Podcasts

Given that stay-at-home orders shut down businesses, forced us all inside and left us to our own handheld devices, it’s no wonder podcasts have...