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love thy neighbors

Love Thy Neighbors

A lightly edited excerpt from East Sacramento’s Nextdoor neighborhood website.Day 1 Patti, River Park: My friend’s daughter has been hearing a cat crying for 3-4...

Pot Luck

People who love succulents and cacti but find the selection at big-box garden centers poor now have more local sourcing options than ever. Independent...
Beers and Cameras

Point, Click, Connect

Local photographers get together to take pictures and drink beer.As hobbies go, photography isn’t an especially social one. Unlike, say, book clubs or knitting...
Olive Harvest

Not Far From the Tree

A volunteer places three small plastic cups in front of each audience member. The vessels are filled halfway, each with a different type and...

15 Minutes with Kim Weglin

Day job: Professional highline athlete Founder: Slacklife Global and the International Church of Slacklife Side gig: Model for sportswear brand AthletaWhat is slacklining and how did...

A Scent Just For You

Local perfumer mixes molecules to create a unique fragrance for each customer.Tyler Monk has an unusual job. He’s a nose, otherwise known as a...
Date Me Sacramento

Date Me Sacramento

Cupid may have met his match in Caleb Fong. He’s a native Sacramentan and the co-founder of Date Me Sacramento, a company that crafts...
Joél Cotreras, instructor at Union boxing gym

A Knockout of a Fitness Routine

“You feel like a tough bad-ass who can do anything.” That’s how Gloria Quiming describes the experience of boxing, an old-time sport that has...

An Airbnb Worth Blogging About

Behind the pale pink door of a cottage in Land Park is a vacation rental house with an unusual distinction: It’s a blog-branded Airbnb.Melissa...