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real estate

Family Affair: Sacramento’s Real Estate Market

Last year, at age 41, Carmichael resident Chris Platz achieved a goal he once feared might be impossible.The nonprofit manager joined fellow Gen Xers...
speeding toward zero emission

Speeding Toward Zero-Emission

“We’re dreaming big. We want zero emissions in every application: locomotives, ships, you name it. Those technologies are out there, but it’ll take time...
25 ideas for summer fun in sacramento

25 Ideas for Summer Fun in Sacramento

Sacramento is not out of the COVID woods completely, but the path back to normal is clearing, and that means it’s time to fill...
books in sac: all the secrets in the world

Books in Sac: All the Secrets of the World

This is the first in a series of posts that will cover books with Sacramento connections—those set here or written by local authors. For...
keeping tahoe blue

Keeping Tahoe Blue

Unless you just moved here from Mars, odds are you have at some point seen the bumper sticker “Keep Tahoe Blue.” Perhaps that sticker...
organic recycling

Organic Recycling

Sacramento’s participation in a state law that aims to reduce methane—meaning bad—emissions will involve virtually anyone who has ever tossed out a pizza crust,...

Pickleball: Paddles Up!

Soon after Roseville resident Doug Koch was bitten by the pickleball bug, he was in, of course, a pickle: The nearest courts were about...
melinda watts

Melinda Watts: Spreading Gospel

Melinda Watts is a singer, a worship leader, an influencer and a mom.Getting her start at a young age in church, Watts knew in...
food literacy center sheep

Food Literacy Center’s New Home

How do you get kids to eat their vegetables? If you’re Amber Stott, you hold a cook-off, pitting two tacos—one filled with broccoli, the...