Single in Sacramento


Jeff Ranieri      

Age: 25/Sign: Cancer   
Status: Single
Children: None
I’m a meteorologist at KCRA TV 3, so of course I love the weather and I really like to travel—especially anywhere with a beach. I haven’t made it to all of the great beaches along California yet, but now that I have completed a second degree in meteorology, I definitely have a lot more free time to explore. I also enjoy playing tennis, reading a good book and, with an early-morning work schedule (sometimes to work by 3 a.m.), I really love to sleep!  
Three words that best describe you: Fun, outgoing, happy.
Three things you look for in a mate: Personality, ambition, honesty.
Biggest turn-on: A good listener.
Biggest turnoff: Someone who’s not being honest.
Best trait: Laugh/smile.
Worst trait: It takes me awhile to call back sometimes. Although I am getting better.
Hidden talent: I know how to surf!
Famous person you’d like to have a date with: Somebody on the cast of “Will & Grace.”
Thing you like best about Sacramento: This is a given for me: the weather! I love the hot, dry summers here. Especially the triple-digit heat!
Low-carb diets: Seems to work well on a few of my friends who have tried the Atkins. But for me, it’s way too hard to cut out all of that bread.
Reality TV: I can’t stop watching
it. “Fear Factor” and “Real World” are among my favorites,
along with the new real-
ity shows on Bravo. It’s
amazing to see what some people will do to win money or fame!  
Oxygen bars: Gimme a break.

Shauna Harrington
Age: 41/Sign: Pisces
Status: Single
Children: None
I love to laugh and to dance;  routine workouts are a must. People tell me I am wise, honest, flexible, stable and fun. By day, I am a human resources manager at VSP (Vision Service Plan). I also am an active volunteer and speaker in the community, and get a big kick out of performing in musical theater, commercials, TV, video and film projects.
Three words that best describe you: Energetic, confident, optimistic.
Three things you look for in a mate: Integrity, ability to make me laugh, strong sense of self. (Keep me in line if I get a bit sassy—ha!)
Best trait: “Can do, go for it” attitude—believe in myself as well as inspire others to achieve their goals.
Worst trait: Impatience—especially for others in keeping up with me. Love to live life to its fullest, so I often walk fast, talk fast, and think fast (which makes me fall asleep rather quickly by 9 p.m.).
Biggest turn-on: Confidence.
Biggest turnoff: Complainers who take no action to improve the situation.
Hidden talent: I don’t think there is anything “hidden” about me.
Famous person you’d like to trade places with for one day: Maria Shriver.
Favorite movie of all time: The Shawshank Redemption.
Reality TV: OK, OK, true confessions: love “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” and “Extreme Makeover.”
L.A. Lakers: Kobe, can I get you another hamburger? And Shaq, how about you?
Oxygen bars: A day in Tahoe will cure anyone of that. What you pay for a swig of flavored oxygen could buy a pair of shoes!

Christopher Banks Brown
Age: 28/Sign: Pisces
Status: Single
Children: None
I’m a senior project manager and graphic designer for Page Design Inc. in Sacramento. I would be considered by many to be a reliable and trusted friend. I love a night on the town, great wine, doing fun and spontaneous things. I like movies a lot, love to cook, work out, and do anything that involves water or Lake Tahoe. I have a great group of friends and a close relationship with my family. I love to make people laugh and act goofy and savor an opportunity to do fun things, dressed up or dressed down.
Three words that best describe you: Gregarious, loyal, loving.
Three things you look for in a mate: Respect, accountability, chemistry.
Best trait: Physical or otherwise? Physical: eyes.
Worst trait: Worrying.
Biggest turn-on: Confidence or belief in one’s self.
Biggest turnoff: Smoking.
Favorite local hangout: Nishiki Sushi.
Place in the world you’d most like to travel to: Egypt. I’ve always wanted to see the pyramids.
Famous person you’d like to trade places with for one day: Angus Young (the lead guitarist for AC/DC). I’d love to play a live rock show!
Proudest moment: Bringing my whole family together for my college graduation.
Favorite pastime: Jamming on my guitar—usually after a couple glasses of wine.
Dr. Phil: I can do a pretty convincing impression of him.
L.A. Lakers: The New York Yankees of the NBA. No thanks; Kings all the way!
Oxygen bars: All hype; drink a Red Bull instead.

Claudia Botero
Age: 30/Sign: Taurus-Gemini ( birthday falls on the cusp)
Status: Single
Children: None
Traveling, dancing, reading and doing outdoor activities are some of the things that make me happy. I also feel very much satisfied professionally being the anchor for a Spanish TV station, knowing that I’m providing information that my community would otherwise not have access to. All this could not be possible if my family was not involved in my life. My mom, dad and two brothers are the pillars that fill my life with love and happiness.
Three words that best describe you: Strong, honest, adventurous. 
Three things you look for in a mate: Intelligence, ambition, loving. 
Best trait: Eyes. 
Worst trait: Stubbornness. 
Biggest turnoff: Arrogant people.
Favorite local hangout: Centro.
Favorite book of all time: La Casa de los Espiritus (House of Spirits) by Isabel Allende.
Most treasured item (materially speaking): A bracelet that my parents gave me.
Famous person you’d like to go on a date with: Matthew McConaughey.
Proudest moment: Receiving an award for a story that was very dear to me.
Low-carb diets: Hard to follow, especially if you are Hispanic.
Reality TV: It shows that people (the audience) love to watch others fight, suffer and humiliate each other. 

Chuck Olson
Age: 48/Sign: Scorpio
Status: Divorced
Children: Yes. Three great kids: Kyle (20), Dana (17) and Ryan (16).
I’ve spent my entire life in Northern California, the last 20 years enjoying the hills and trees of Auburn. During the week, I dress up and become the vice president of engineering for Netgear, a Silicon Valley company that recently IPOed. On the weekends, I stop shaving, change into my well-worn clothes and try to become a snowboarder, swimmer, cyclist and runner. I live for watching my kids have fun and my friends laugh. I am constantly in motion, sometimes in the right direction.      
Three words that best describe you: Happy, healthy, lucky.
Three things you look for in a mate: Enjoys an athletic, outdoor lifestyle; has a passion for living; appreciates romantic gestures.
Biggest turn-on: When a woman can express her feelings straight from her heart and not from her head.
Biggest turnoff: Pretentious women.
Best trait: Tenacious on the things I value.
Worst trait: I smell bad, I mean I spell bad.
Favorite local hangout: American River Bike Trail.
Favorite comfort food: Homemade snickerdoodle cookies, right out of the oven.
Famous person you’d like to trade places with for one day: Lance Armstrong.
Proudest moment: Crossing the finish line at the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon.
Favorite pastime: Spending time with my kids at our cabin near Donner Lake.
Low-carb diets: A passing fad. I never heard of an athlete who can survive on one.  
Dr. Phil: Living proof that anyone in America can become successful.
Oxygen bars: Marketing! But I’d be willing to go to one and try it. Must be from the same person who came up with bottled water.

Nancy Leach-Wyatt
Age: 47/Sign: Cancer
Status: Divorced
Children: Yes, one, 15 years old
When I am not being a mom—which is my most important job—to my teenage son, I am an interior designer for a local Sacramento builder. It’s a full load, but I still manage to find time for friends and activities. We love to ski in the winter and try to find fun summer sun activities. I have recently taken up golf and continually find it to be a sport that humbles me.
Three words that best describe you: Approachable, giving and very active.
Three things you look for in a mate: Honesty, respect and devotion to the relationship.
Best trait: Sincerity.
Worst trait: Overcommitted to too many projects!
Favorite local hangout: The gym.
Favorite comfort food: Banana cream pie. Not on the low-carb diet!
Famous person you’d like to trade places with for one day: Oprah Winfrey.
Proudest moment: The day my son was born.
Low-carb diets: I have been doing that diet for quite some time. Love it. Still miss the pasta!
Dr. Phil: Wish I was home at 3 o’clock to watch him. I like his sense of humor when dealing with big issues.
L.A. Lakers: Who? Kings rule!
Oxygen bars: Never been. Should I?

Lee Perkins
Age: 46/Sign: Leo
Status: Single
Children: None
I am the morning-show host on V101.1 with my radio “wife,” Christina Martinez, the hostess with the mostest! I was born in Fresno and went to broadcast school for a short time in Hollywood. I landed my first radio gig in San Francisco and was the No. 1 afternoon announcer for 10 years at KSOL 107.7. Before I came to Sacramento, I was most recently at 98.1 KISS FM in San Francisco.
Best trait: Compassion is my biggest secret and trait. I have to act like I’m wiping my eyebrow at the movies, so I don’t get caught wiping a tear.
Worst trait: I hold grudges too long.
Biggest turn-on: I am an eyes and legs person, so an elegant long dress with an extra-long slit on the side of the dress opens my eyes!
Biggest turnoff: People who are not universal. I like people who get along with everybody.
Favorite first-date destination: A music event; a concert in the park makes for a great first date—no pressure. Plus, music is the universal language, if you know what I mean.
Hidden talent: Taking a chunk of clay and throwing it on the potter’s wheel and watching my art take form.
Famous person you’d like to trade places with for one day: Hugh Hefner—mansion and all!
Low-carb diets: I’m on one now. Salami for breakfast? I think it is a good way to have some kind of regimen in your food intake.
Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil is like Oprah only it’s a man!

Becky Sandman
Age: 55/Sign: Libra
Status: Divorced
Children: Yes, four
I am extremely fortunate to absolutely love what I do! Owner of Sandman Interiors, I do home staging, interior design consulting and feng shui interior design consulting locally and out of the area. A lover of nature, I hike, sail and ski. Enjoying the finer side of life, I appreciate delicious food, engaging conversation, traveling and fine entertainment. I like being who I am, knowing that there is always room for growth.
Three things you look for in a mate: Honesty, integrity and a desire to grow.
Biggest turn-on: A man who has a quick mind that matches mine.
Biggest turnoff: Disrespect.
Best trait: Real heart.
Worst trait: Distractible.
Favorite band: The Beatles.
Favorite pastime: Being with people I love.
Hidden talent: The ability to see deeper.
Famous person you’d like to have a date with: Peter Jennings.
Low-carb diets: I have been avidly involved in fitness since the early ’80s, and I am always a proponent of physical well-being. Although I have been mostly focused on exercise and weightlifting, I have seen the success that several of my friends have had using low-carb diets to lose weight and to improve their health.
Dr. Phil: Get real!
Reality TV: In my minimal TV viewing, I watch the news, some sports and a few other shows excluding reality TV.
L.A. Lakers: Go Kings; beat the Lakers!
Oxygen bars: I have never seen one; however, a shot of pure oxygen while exercising or dancing sounds great!

BJ Snowden
Age: 27/Sign: Pisces
Status: Single
Children: None
Education and community involvement are key elements of my life. I spend time as a mentor and volunteer through my fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi, in addition to teaching radio broadcasting and digital media at the community college level. I’m completing courses online through Pepperdine University and plan to eventually earn a doctoral degree in educational technology.
Three words that best describe you: Considerate, driven, affectionate.
Three things you look for in a mate: Sense of humor, loyalty, self-confidence.
Biggest turn-on: A great smile.
Biggest turnoff: A bad attitude.
Best trait: My imagination.
Worst trait: Time management.
Favorite first-date destination: San Francisco.
Favorite musician: P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs.
Favorite pastime: Travel.
Hidden talent: Twirling my cane.
Famous person you’d like to have a date with: Alicia Keys.
Thing you like best about Sacramento: The Sacramento Kings.
Low-carb diets: Hate ’em. I love carbs, so low-carb diets make absolutely no sense to me.
Dr. Phil: Dr. Phil is the best thing to happen to men since ESPN. I love this guy.
L.A. Lakers: #*!% the Lakers. Can’t stand ’em.
Oxygen bars: Yeah, whatever.

Michael Powell, D.O.
Age: 45/Sign: Sagittarius
Status: Single
Children: None
I was raised in the mountains just outside of San Jose. I studied nutrition science at UC Davis, did construction in the summers at Lake Tahoe for college cash, taught high-school chemistry for five years years at Nevada Union (sorry, Grant grads), went back to school for far too long, did an internal medicine residency in Portland and a rheumatology fellowship at Stanford. I confess, I am planning to quit the day job as soon as my first CD of quirky originals goes platinum.
Three words that best describe you: Honest, fun-loving, adventurous.
Three things you look for in a mate: Insight, humor, emotionally honest/available.
Best trait: Optimism.
Worst trait: Projecting integrity onto the wrong people.
Biggest turn-on: Is there anything sexier than a sleepy-eyed female in an oversized baseball jersey?
Biggest turnoff: Someone who is perpetually busy.
Most treasured item (materially speaking): The acoustic guitar that survived college against all odds.
Proudest moment: Being invited to a patient’s survival party after a last-minute intervention saved his life.
Reality TV:  There is something very wrong about a gorgeous woman eating live insects. I can’t watch.  
Oxygen bars: Selling air?  I suspect the guys who brought us oxygen bars are the same people who figured out that we would pay two bucks for a bottle of water. Helium bars sound like more fun.

Bloom Beloved
Age: 26/Sign: Leo 
Status: Single
Children: None
Born in Minnesota near the Canadian border, I have lived all over the United States and have traveled all over the world including Germany, Belize, Kuwait and Thailand. Currently, I do computer-aided drafting and design work for the Los Rios Community College District, and I am working toward a bachelor’s degree in wildlife management or forestry. My greatest passion is exploring the outdoors through activities like hiking, camping, spelunking and white-water rafting. I also enjoy traveling, volunteering in the community, reading and writing poetry, listening to live music, cooking vegetarian food and dancing.
Three words that best describe you: Generous, outgoing, compassionate.
Three things you look for in a mate: Trustworthiness, spiritual, open-minded.
Best trait: Loyalty.
Worst trait: Impatience.
Most treasured item (materially speaking): My wide selection of books.
Famous person you’d like to have a date with: Orlando Bloom (actor).
Proudest moment: Being a featured poet at open-mic poetry night at Luna’s Cafe located in downtown Sacramento.
Dr. Phil: Is crazy and seriously overrated!
Reality TV: Overall, I think reality TV is a waste of time. Anytime I start watching a reality TV show, I think about how I could be out doing those activities instead of passively witnessing other people doing them on TV. 
Oxygen bars: I have never been to an oxygen bar before. I think I will just stick with regular breathing.

Elizabeth Nesci
Age: 48/Sign: Scorpio
Status: Divorced
Children: None
I am a teacher, a writer and a first-generation Italian-American. My most recent accomplishments include earning the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards credential and becoming a columnist for “The Connection,” an educator’s newsletter. My hobbies are varied, from day hiking and biking to practicing Italian. My bag is quickly packed for travel near and far.
Three words that best describe you: Passionate, elegant, confident.
Three things you look for in a mate: Compassionate, successful, fun.
Biggest turn-on: A man reaching around my waist to assist me over rocky ground.
Biggest turnoff: Sarcasm.
Best trait: Tenacity.
Worst trait: Tenacity.
Favorite first-date destination: Scott’s—corner table, ’til closing. That means that the conversation is flowing as well as the wine.
Favorite musician: Dido. Her singing is earthy and poetic.
Favorite pastime: I enjoy a challenging workout. It is my daily meditation linking body and soul.
Hidden talent: I am an effective public speaker and have addressed the legislature.
Low-carb diets: Al dente, please.
Dr. Phil: He’s right: “You have a choice: Continue to do what’s not working for you or change.”
Reality TV: It’s the farthest thing from reality.
Oxygen bars: I’ve never been to one. Will you take me?

Gary Vercelli
Age: 53/Sign: Capricorn 
Status: Single
Children: None
I have a lot of passion for my work in both fields: Jazz music director/KXJZ 88.9 FM and yoga instructor/American River College. I enjoy hosting jazz weeknights; I also enjoy booking concerts for the station, which is really committed to community outreach. I’ve studied Iyengar yoga since 1992, and teaching yoga provides a balance from my sometimes hectic media position. The experience of teaching has deepened my own daily practice.
Three words that best describe you: Independent, romantic, open-minded.
Three things you look for in a mate: Conscious/mindful, gentle, evolved.
Best trait: When a task—or a yoga pose—is difficult, I’m persistent. I keep applying myself. I keep knocking on the door.
Worst trait: I’m too self-absorbed and have a rather low tolerance for pain.
Biggest turn-on: Headstand, shoulderstand and fine wines (but not at the same time).
Biggest turnoff: Dishonesty.
Favorite comfort food: Pad thai.
Proudest moment: Passing my Iyengar yoga (teaching) certification exams.
Low-carb diets: I believe everyone has a unique metabolism and should eat accordingly. I try to be mindful and focused when I eat, but I often eat too fast. Learning to push away from the table before you’re completely full is the best diet.
L.A. Lakers: The flip side of arrogance is insecurity. Even though I’m originally from Southern California, I’ve never liked the Dodgers or the Lakers. Although baseball holds my interest more than basketball, I prefer yoga. Unlike competitive sports, no one has to lose in yoga.

Dee Dahl
Age: 45/Sign: Cancer
Status: Divorced
Children: Sons Josh, 23, and Josiah, 19.
They are the beat of my heart!
A native of Sacramento, I am the youngest of three children. By day, I am a sales director. Most evenings and weekends, I enjoy reading, cooking, working out, theater, traveling and time with family and friends.
Three words that best describe you: Loyal, caring and happy.
Three things you look for in a mate: Integrity, humor and faith.
Biggest turn-on: A man who can make me laugh, behaves like a gentleman and can share his heart.
Biggest turnoff: Negative, insincere people.
Best trait: I love to eat.
Worst trait: I love to eat.
Favorite first-date destination: Anywhere that would include good food and wine, great conversation and laughter.
Favorite musician: Nicole Nordeman.
Favorite pastime: Reading.
Hidden talent: Culinary skills.
Famous person you’d like to have a date with: Definitely Harrison Ford.
Low-carb diets: Short-term miracle.
Dr. Phil: Great no-nonsense approach.
Reality TV: Extremely overrated.

Kelly Anders
Age: 36/Sign: Taurus
Status: Single
Children: None
As a law librarian, I love helping others find the answers (don’t believe the hype—our days are not spent “shushing” and shelving, and I don’t own a single pair of sensible shoes). When I’m not working, volunteering or getting lost around town (new from Denver, by way of L.A.), I enjoy gardening, decorating, music, art, movies, dancing, gourmet cooking, reading, weekend getaways and watching the games—especially basketball, football and rugby.
Three words that best describe you: Classy, kind and creative.
Three things you look for in a mate: Strength, confidence and integrity.
Best trait: Grace under pressure.
Worst trait: “Felix Unger” organization habits. I wish I could just go with the flow!
Biggest turn-on: Men who know something about hammers, Hamlet and Hammer, but are not hams. In other words, guys who are rugged, refined and fun, but not the class clown.
Biggest turnoff: Liars. Trust is so important.
Most treasured item (materially speaking): My plants. I’ve grown many of them from tiny clippings into a miniforest, so they are like my babies!
Proudest moment: A tie between [being named one of] the “Forty Under 40” [by] the Denver Business Journal in 2001 and graduating from law school (Pepperdine, 1996).
Dr. Phil: Should be renamed “Dr. Fill” because he’s everywhere. His “get real” message is getting really old!
Reality TV: Enough, already! I’ll take my realism without commercial breaks.
L.A. Lakers: Shaq told me I was “fine” on my 30th birthday, so they’re not all bad!
Oxygen bars: Full of hot air.

Arny Rosenberg
Age: 53/Sign: Libra
Status: Single
Children: None
I was born in New York and went to high school and college in Sacramento. I’ve worked in the bar and restaurant business for more than 30 years. I love animals, especially dogs and horses, and worked with Canine Companions for Independence for many years, hosting numerous fund-raisers at [my bar], Joshua Pup’s, which is named after a beloved dog. Family and friends are held dearly; my mother helps out at Joshua Pup’s, and friends are looking forward to a new [establishment]: Devon’s Martini. 
Three words that best describe you: Intense, hopeful, spiritual.
Three things you look for in a mate: Honesty, playfulness, self-assurance.
Biggest turn-on: Someone who knows their potential and pursues their goals.
Biggest turnoff: Bad grooming, male or female.
Best trait: Directness.
Worst trait: Too direct.
Favorite first-date destination: The Delta on the Harley.
Favorite band: Aerosmith.
Hidden talent: Frustrated musician (drummer).
Famous person you’d like to have a date with: Reese Witherspoon.
Thing you like best about Sacramento: Warm summer nights in the Benz with the top down.
Low-carb diets: Have friends who swear by it, but all that fat content scares me.
Dr. Phil: I like his directness, but he may be too direct. Hey, wait a minute!
Reality TV: Monkey see, monkey do. It teaches people to be unscrupulous.
L.A. Lakers: Kobe hits Bibby in the throat to win playoffs? Cheaters never prosper?
Oxygen bars: I actually tried this. I’d rather have a cocktail, naturally!

Michele S. Foss, Ph.d.
Age: 28/ Sign: Virgo
Status: Single
Children: None
I’m a professor of communications at San Joaquin Delta College and UOP in Stockton (but I just couldn’t leave Sacramento—I commute). In my free time (what’s that?), I enjoy films, salsa dancing, spending time with my sorority sisters (Delta Sigma Theta) and going to college-sports events. I watch a lot of TV, but I call it research and get away with it!
Three words that best describe you: Ambitious, open, curious.
Three things you look for in a mate: An affectionate nature, an adventurous spirit and a desire for lifelong learning.
Best trait: Loving and compassionate without limits.
Worst trait: Using swear words while driving.
Biggest turn-on: Someone who makes me laugh so hard my abdominal muscles ache.
Place in the world you’d most like to travel to: Egypt.
Favorite comfort food: All food is comforting! OK, OK, . . . I’ll go with veggie pizza with ranch dressing and Coca-Cola out of a 2-liter bottle, no glass.
Famous person you’d like to trade places with for one day: Oprah
Proudest moment: Receiving my doctoral degree in front of my mother and my grandmother.
Favorite pastime: Board games and margaritas with people I love.
Low-carb diets: Not likely for me . . . .I’m a big fan of carbs. If I had to live on bread and pasta (oh, and Coca-Cola), I could. No problem.
Dr. Phil: I dig his country accent. I dig all accents, actually.
L.A. Lakers: Not since 1987, when I moved to Sacramento. I was a Kings fan when the baby-blue uniform was not “retro.”

Don Rossignol
Age: 51/Sign: Sagittarius
Status: Single
Children: None
I like to believe that I am a great Realtor, preferring to emphasize quality over quantity. Free time is spent doing volunteer work with many nonprofit agencies, with my friends, in-line skating, working out and maintaining my home and rental properties. I’m happiest and do my best work when I have many projects going on simultaneously. 
Three words that best describe you: Generous, resourceful, creative.
Three things you look for in a mate: Honesty, independence, monogamy.
Best trait: Being a good friend.
Worst trait: Not assertive enough.
Biggest turn-on: Nice teeth/fresh breath.
Biggest turnoff: Fat women in spandex.
Favorite book of all time:  David Copperfield.
Most treasured item (materially speaking): Some of my mother’s writings.
Famous person you’d like to have a date with: Sting.
Proudest moment: Arriving in Boston at age 24 ready to live on my own.
Thing you like best about Sacramento: The trees.
Dr. Phil: Daytime television and talk shows are not part of my daily routine.
L.A. Lakers: Good team (my nephew Justin loves them). Prefer the Kings, but I like baseball more.
Oxygen bars: Too trendy—besides, I’m too old for those hangouts.

Patti Lee
Age: 32/Sign: Taurus
Status: Single
Children: None
I anchor the morning news and report for KOVR Channel 13, a job I hardly consider work because I love what I do. I must enjoy it; when I first started out, I worked for free! When I’m not on the job, I am developing my skills as a leisure-time specialist, which includes time on the course and the courts. I am also involved with the Asian- American Journalists Association and am currently serving as the Sacramento chapter president.
Three words that best describe you: Loyal, energetic, curious.
Three things you look for in a mate: Intelligence, confidence, humility.
Best trait: Honest. Sometimes brutally.
Worst trait: Brutally honest.
Biggest turn-on: Original thinking.
Biggest turnoff: Insincerity.
Favorite local hangout: My gym, The Capital Athletic Club. (Not really a hangout, but I do spend quite a bit of time there.) Also, Borders.
Favorite book of all time: Please don’t ask me to choose just one.
Most treasured item (materially speaking): A pendant from my father.  
Proudest moment: Becoming a godparent.
Low-carb diets: The only reason to give up bagels.
Dr. Phil: Isn’t he just the male version of Oprah?
Reality TV: The reality of my own life is as much as I can handle.
L.A. Lakers: The Yankees of basketball.
Oxygen bars: I have plenty to breathe, thank you.

Matt Comfort, D.D.S.
Age: 35/Sign: Cancer
Status: Single
Children: Nope, but willing!
Dentistry is an avenue that allows me to care for another person. It is my mission to affect people’s lives; the chance to restore a smile to a beautiful work of art is an honor. Although people don’t like to visit the dentist often, this is my chosen path to improve the health of someone through their smile and mouth. A smile is everything. In the off-time, I enjoy fly-fishing, wine tasting, cooking, Italian operas and sports in general.
Three words that best describe you: Sincere, warm and caring.
Three things you look for in a mate: Personality, intellect and athleticism.
Best trait: Caring.
Worst trait: Making sure that everything is perfect at a dinner party.
Favorite local hangout: Mikuni.
Favorite book of all time:  Wild at Heart by John Eldredge.
Most treasured item (materially speaking):  My red-wine collection.
Famous person you’d like to go on a date with: Well, locally? Deirdre Fitzpatrick. What a babe! Why go Hollywood? Keep it local. 
Proudest moment: When I was asked to be a godfather (of my nieces and nephew and one dog). What a great honor!
Dr. Phil: Nowadays, any manner in which a person can improve another one’s life is good, even if it is blunt and truthful. His program is only superficial but may help to some degree.
Oxygen bars: What a fad. As far as I know, there is no scientific proof that increasing the oxygen content improves cellular health. As for the placebo effect, if it makes someone feel better about themselves, then that’s great.

Janet (jan) M. Richmond
Age: 54/ Sign: Cancer
Status: Single (divorced long ago)
Children: Two daughters grown and gone
I am pleased to serve PRIDE Industries as its first general counsel. My crowning accomplishment is having raised two happy and successful daughters whom I honor and respect for having gracefully navigated my changing career path and location with me. My current “hobby” is training for and participating in triathlons, and I’m proud to say I completed my first international distance triathlon last year.  
Three words that best describe you: Warm, energetic, curious.
Three things you look for in a mate: Integrity, warmth, high energy.
Best trait: I say what I mean and mean what I say. 
Worst trait: I can be indecisive about small things like where to have lunch.
Biggest turn-on: Visual beauty, like the color of a New England autumn or a bend in the American River at sunset.  
Biggest turnoff: People who belittle others to make themselves feel bigger or smarter.
Favorite first-date destination: Outside patio at the midtown Paragary’s.
Place in the world you’d most like to travel to: Egypt.
Hidden talent: Buying the perfect gift.
Famous person you’d like to trade places with for one day: Jane Goodall.
Favorite movie of all time: Same Time Next Year.
Favorite pastime: Eating good food with great friends.
Low-carb diets: Different strokes for different folks on the path to health.
Dr. Phil: Love him. Nothing like cutting to the chase.
Reality TV: Fun at first; weary of it now.
Oxygen bars: Breathing and driving mix just fine.

Eric London, M.D.
Age: 36/Sign: Capricorn
Status: Single
Children: None
I was born and raised in San Diego. (I know, what am I doing in Sacramento?) I went to UCD for undergrad, then on to New Orleans for Mardi Gras—oh yeah, and medical school at Tulane (which is why I can’t afford to live in San Diego). Six short years of residency later,  I was ready to be my own surgeon. I enjoy living in Sacramento because it offers me great access for recreation
. . . at wonderful outdoor playgrounds. I am also very fortunate to have a great family and consider myself very family-oriented.
Three words that best describe you: Enthusiastic, passionate and understanding.
Best trait: Disciplined.
Worst trait: Disciplined.
Biggest turn-on: Women with range: The ability to throw on jeans and a cap for the ballgame, or heels and a dress for a night out.
Biggest turnoff: Smoking or drinking until nausea sets in.
Favorite local hangout: Centro.
Most treasured item (materially speaking): 1922 silver-dollar money clip (gift from my father).
Famous person you’d like to have a date with: “Velma Kelly”—although she did get away with murder. [Kelly is a character from the movie/musical Chicago.]
Proudest moment: Graduation from my surgical residency.
Dr. Phil: I’ll stay with Oprah.
Reality TV: Don’t those people have to work for a living?
L.A. Lakers: If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.
Oxygen bars: Are these the ones given out by anesthesiologists?

Frank C. Sigrist
Age: 39/Sign: Libra
Status: Single
Children: None
Housing prices are so high, the policeman, senior or single mom can’t afford a home. As a manufactured-homes entrepreneur, my goal is to give them one by using new ideas and concepts that my team has developed. With time off, I love exploring our foothills on my mountain bike, and going to a Kings game is always the best way to enjoy an evening out.
Three words that best describe you: Compassionate, driven, thankful.
Three things you look for in a mate: Happy, independent, passionate.
Best trait: The ability to create something from nothing.
Worst trait: I sometimes forget to pick up my socks.
Biggest turn-on: A sunset across the ocean—priceless!
Biggest turnoff: Mean people.
Favorite first-date destination: The Napa Valley for wine tasting.
Place in the world you’d most like to travel to: Switzerland.
Hidden talent: Manhandling a Porsche Turbo around Sears Point.
Famous person you’d like to trade places with for one day: Arnold Schwarzenegger. Being governor, I would make changes to create more affordable housing.
Favorite movie of all time: Gladiator.
Favorite pastime: Spending time with family and friends.
Low-carb diets: They do work. It has turned my mom into a teenager!
Dr. Phil: I like his direct and to-the-point advice.
Oxygen bars: I thought oxygen was free.

Judith Waidtlow
Age: 62/Sign: Virgo
Status: Divorced
Children: Yes, two sons, one daughter
I am an office/personal assistant. I am health-minded and use the gym. I like new recipes, cookbooks and fine
wine! I am fond of dining out, seeing new places and doing new things. I love the magic of life as it unfolds. 
Three words that best describe you: Free-spirited, passionate and gentle.
Three things you look for in a mate: Integrity, self-realization and a joyful attitude.
Best trait: Openheartedness.
Worst trait: I throw the baby out with the bath water. I’m getting better, though.
Biggest turn-on: Self-confidence.
Biggest turnoff: Egocentricity.
Favorite local hangout: Hasn’t been discovered yet. New to the area.
Place in the world you’d most like to travel to: New Zealand.
Favorite comfort food: Crock-pot creations, soups and stews.
Famous person you’d like to trade places with for one day: Nelson Mandela.
Proudest moment: The creation and completion of my first business brochure.
Low-carb diets: Works well for some people, myself included.
Dr. Phil: Positive influence on those seeking personal growth.
L.A. Lakers: In trouble.

April Hass
Age: 28/Sign: Aries
Status: Single
Children: None
As director of marketing and PR for Sacramento Theatre Company, I am actually working in the industry I went to school for and love. My latest obsessions are training for a triathlon this spring, teaching myself to play piano (yikes!), and learning how to ski this winter. Moving to California to be closer to my family is one of the best yet most difficult decisions I ever made. I currently live with my 18-year-old sister Erica and our cat, Riley, and his pet kitten, Daisy.
Three words that best describe you: Passionate, goofy, shy.
Three things you look for in a mate: Honesty, humor, sanity.
Biggest turn-on: Big strong arms to snuggle up in for good times and bad.
Biggest turnoff: Someone who works just for the money instead of for love of the job.
Best trait: Good listener/friend.
Worst trait: Impatience; I am an Aries, after all.
Hidden talent: Actress and singer if I ever had time! At least I think it’s a talent . . .
Famous person you’d like to have a date with: The new crush is Julian McMahon from “Nip/Tuck.” Gotta love tall, dark and handsome!
Thing you like best about Sacramento: The climate! says the girl from the Midwest.
Low-carb diets: What a crock! Who can stick to that stuff and not go crazy?
Dr. Phil: Never have time to watch. But the new diet revolution? Please . . .
Reality TV: Guilty pleasure . . .
L.A. Lakers: I’m not a big fan of baseball . . .
Oxygen bars: You’re kidding, right?

Matt Moretti
Age: 37/Sign: Pisces
Status: Single
Children: None
I am the chief of staff to Assemblywoman Sally Lieber. Prior to that, I was a lobbyist for various health care interests. Most weekends, I hang out with friends. I also like to see live music, and my favorite thing to do is laugh.
Three words that best describe you: Friendly, responsible and loyal.
Three things you look for in a mate: Self-confidence, considerate and a sense of humor.
Best trait: Compassionate.
Worst trait: Lack of patience, at times.
Biggest turn-on: Great eyes, combined with wit and the ability to hold a good conversation.
Biggest turnoff: Manipulation or game-playing.
Favorite local hangout: Benny’s.
Favorite book of all time:  Catcher in the Rye.
Most treasured item (materially speaking):
My music collection.
Famous person you’d like to go on a date with: Natalie Merchant.
Proudest moment: Graduating from Notre Dame.
Thing you like best about Sacramento: My family and friends are here.
Low-carb diets: Seem to work for the people who have tried them.
Dr. Phil: Cannot say that I know anything about him.
Reality TV: On one hand, it has to be a great study in psychology; on the other hand, it has completely gotten out of control.
L.A. Lakers: Overrated. Not the most intelligent crew ever assembled.
Oxygen bars: A hard place to get a drink.

Rosemary Jones
Age: 58/Sign: Capricorn
Status: Divorced
Children: One son
I have been a resource specialist for the Davis Joint Unified School District—in Davis—since 1987. I have lived in Saudi Arabia and Germany. My hobbies are reading and cooking. I also enjoy live theater and music—all types.
Three words that best describe you: Honest, humorous, sincere.
Three things you look for in a mate: Honesty, ambition, character.
Best trait: Several; hard to identify just one.
Worst trait: Time management.
Biggest turn-on: Happy, productive people.
Biggest turnoff: People who are delusional relative to themselves.
Favorite first-date destination: Slocum House.
Place in the world you’d most like to travel to: French Riviera.
Hidden talent: I have none.
Favorite movie of all time: Love Story—Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw.
Low-carb diets: They work.
Dr. Phil: Has great food for thought.
Reality TV: Not reality. I don’t watch reality TV.
L.A. Lakers: Awesome team.

Bruce Begley
Age: 49/Sign: Capricorn
Status: Divorced
Children: Two
I’m in underground construction management, and I’m also a home builder. I’m an all-American kid, a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy. I love breakfast. I’m Mr. Adventure and take everything to its highest level. I really like taking night classes and expanding my education. I love the beauty and nature of the outdoors, and in winter I go skiing with my two boys all the time.
Three words that best describe you: Wholesome, romantic, sincere.
Three things you look for in a mate: Great smile; physically, emotionally and spiritually fit and solid.
Best trait: The ability to turn a negative into a positive.
Worst trait: Overextending my time.
Favorite local hangout: Borders.
Most treasured item (materially speaking): Pictures of my kids and family.
Famous person you’d like to have a date with: Beth Ruyak.
Proudest moment: The birth of my boys, Brogan and Dean.
Low-carb diets: Good idea, hard to stick to for me.
Dr. Phil: A blessing to everyone.
Reality TV: Entertaining.
L.A. Lakers: Second best.

Russell Dazzio
Age: 53/Sign: Sagittarius
Status: Single
Children: None
For the past 30 years, I have worked in the hospitality industry, which has afforded me the opportunity to see the world and the people who inhabit it from a unique perspective. I have owned my own private hotel company for nearly half of this time and am working on a book chronicling my experiences. I was raised in Las Vegas, Nev. in a casino family and now have dual residences and dogs in Sacramento and Los Angeles.
Three words that best describe you: Creative, generous, gambler.  
Three things you look for in a mate: Compassion, humor, worldliness.
Best trait: Sense of honor.
Worst trait: Impatience.
Biggest turn-on: The smile of my goddaughter.
Biggest turnoff: Pretentious people.
Favorite local hangout: Paree’s Thai Garden.
Most treasured item (materially speaking): A pair of gold cuff links handed down to me by my father.
Famous person you’d like to have a date with: Marge Simpson.
Proudest moment: Giving my parents a surprise 40th wedding anniversary party.
Favorite musician: Frank Sinatra.
Low-carb diets: You don’t see many Italians on it.
L.A. Lakers: If Jack likes them, how bad a bunch of guys can they be?

Maria Elena Juarez
Age: 37/Sign: Capricorn
Status: Single
Children: Only four-pawed species
I work as an enrollment counselor for a private university in Sacramento. I am so good at what I do that I enrolled myself and am now a full-time student working on a business management degree. My passion is volunteering to mentor at-risk teenage girls with a focus on helping them to believe in themselves and to explore all the choices in life. Crème brûlée is the way to my heart. I can talk dog stories all day long, am a rock star singing the loudest when driving my car, love to salsa dance and can always be found in the gym Monday through Friday mornings.
Three words that best describe you: Charismatic, energetic and funny.
Three things you look for in a mate: Down-to-earth, ambitious and affectionate.
Best trait: Able to work a room.
Worst trait: Spread myself too thin.
Biggest turn-on: Humor.
Biggest turnoff: Negative complainers.
Famous person you’d like to have a date with: Matthew McConaughey.
Proudest moment: Realizing that my birthday is not [a day] to hide but a day to celebrate with everyone!
Thing you like best about Sacramento: My summer tans.  
Favorite band: Latin rock band Maná.
Low-carb diets: The best, consistent energy booster I have ever experienced, day in and day out.
Dr. Phil: He gets under all the superficial excuses, is able to articulate issues from reality, and makes choices all very clear—although sometimes painful.