Best Hometown Olympians

Stephanie Brown Trafton (gold, track and field, women’s discus); Stephanie Cox (gold, women’s soccer); Gabe Gardner (gold, men’s volleyball); Kara Lawson (gold, women’s basketball); Gina Ostini Miles (silver, equestrian eventing); Casey Weathers (bronze, baseball); Mary Whipple (gold, rowing women’s eight); James Williams (silver, fencing, men’s team sabre)
For those of us who have a hard time just dragging ourselves to the gym, the idea of winning an Olympic medal is just plain incomprehensible. (Heck, even the idea of training for such an event is incomprehensible.) So imagine our immense admiration for the eight local athletes who did the near-impossible, bringing home so many medals from the Beijing Olympics that we wonder how they got through airport screening on the flight home. To all of them, and all the locals who competed or coached this summer, our hats are off. Way off.