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collectively different

Collectively United

With Election Day here, hard lines have been drawn throughout the country when it comes to disparities concerning culture, spirituality, politics and police reform. As people continue to argue opposing views on everything from...
wes davis

Capturing the Arts: Wes Davis

Wes Davis, co-founder of Beatnik Studios art gallery, says artists are among his favorite photographic subjects. “Artists are great because if you want to do something weird or get experimental with a photograph, they are all for...
yarcenia garcia

Capturing the Arts: Yarcenia Garcia

Intrigued by the lights, drama and production of live theater, Yarcenia Garcia says the thrill of snapping the right shot at the right time is the best part of her job.“It just captured what I...
Cam Evans

Capturing the Arts: Cam Evans

Inspired by the gritty Los Angeles punk-rock scene during the late 1970s and early ’80s as seen in the documentary “The Decline of Western Civilization,” Cam Evans wanted to use his lens to freeze moments in time...
Mayumi Acosta

Capturing the Arts: Mayumi Acosta

A scientist who specialized in plant genetics, Mayumi Acosta switched careers in 2014 to delve into photography full time. A portrait photographer, she is especially skilled when it comes to showing the strength, beauty and delicate movements of ballet...
Arts of Noelle Downard

Capturing the Arts

Photographers are responsible for some of the world’s most striking and inspiring images. They document emotion and movement, strength and vulnerability through unforgettable snapshots in time. These local photographers capture the arts and artists in a range of ways,...
I passed a note by delgado

Then and Now: Raphael Delgado

THEN. Ten years ago, Raphael Delgado was fresh out of art school. It was a period in his budding career when his artwork reflected a “somewhat academic” aesthetic.“I was making things that were perceived to be...
Gioia Fonda

Then and Now: Gioia Fonda

THEN. An avid bicyclist, Gioia Fonda recalls pedaling through the streets of her neighborhood while dodging mountains of garbage that belonged to the victims of foreclosure, eviction or house flippers. She saw them as harbingers of the housing crisis of...
Sonya Fe painting

Then and Now: Sonya Fe

THEN. When Sonya Fe was a little girl, her father would take her into downtown Los Angeles on the bus. There, she remembered admiring lovely paintings depicting Mexican women on the outside of department stores. She was an artist...
Paint can, 2019, by Gale Hart

Then and Now: Gale Hart

THEN. The allure and nostalgia of the circus wasn’t on Gale Hart’s mind when she curated “Circus Show and Other Atrocities” at Verge Gallery 15 years ago. Instead, she focused on the darker side...