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local home docor

Décor by Local Artisans

Sacramento creatives are a bunch of crafty innovators who see possibilities in everyday objects. They transform raw materials into your new favorite coffee mug or blend fragrances that capture the essence and beauty of...
cooking with culture

Cooking with Culture

For many cultures, food is more than nutrition. It’s tied to celebrations, and it’s the quintessential way to get to know your neighbors and introduce them to new dishes and flavors.When made with fresh,...
Emoni Jackson

Bravo: Emoni Jackson

When Emoni Jackson (she/they) feels stressed or perplexed about an issue, she turns to nature to guide her through her thoughts. If she’s not painting, or working, she’s out in the forest.One afternoon, Jackson...

SMUD’s Museum of Science and Curiosity

A miniature metal skyscraper with rainbow arches captivates a dozen child architects in the center of the room. Together, their little hands use hundreds of magnetic tiles to create the ultimate design of their...
Jenny Tran, women in communications

Women in Communications

As mothers and entrepreneurs, leaders and decision makers, women are a force for change. At many Sacramento companies, nonprofits and government agencies, there’s a strong woman in charge of communicating her organization’s message. Together,...
bobby Briscoe

Moving Stories – Bobby Briscoe

Sacramento’s performing arts community is ready for a strong comeback after enduring nearly two years of pandemic-related challenges that left many theaters dormant and countless artists out of work. One company anticipating a warm...
John Huerta

Bravo: Painter John Huerta and Day of the Dead

He captures such intensity in a delicate pair of golden-brown eyes. It’s what lures most people to the artist John Huerta—to get a closer look at the striking women in his paintings. Their eyes...
bishop's pumpkin patch

Five Pumpkin Patches

It wouldn’t be fall without a little dirt on your shoes from a visit to the pumpkin patch. This year, some of Sacramento’s most beloved family-owned farms are ready to welcome back guests with...
G. Love at harlow's music venue

Music Venues

Sacramento’s independent music venues get one shot at reopening. After being closed for more than a year, the venue owners and managers who’ve kept some of our favorite local haunts alive throughout the pandemic...
Danielle Moné Truitt

Bravo: Danielle Moné Truitt

An art form such as theater has the power to move you emotionally. It can transport you to another decade, to a bustling big city with bright lights, or to a meager apartment on...