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Last Call: Capt. Jim Heffelfinger

Operations Manager and Chief Otter Wrangler for the River Otter Water Taxi- People would be surprised to know: I am a minister.- My favorite ice cream flavor is: Lemon sorbet.- If I could change...

December 06

Hush, Puppy—Cesar Millan, the Emmy-nominated star of cable television’s “The Dog Whisperer,” bought one of his first pieces of art not long ago at a show that Morgan Stanley rotates among its California offices....

Carmichael’s Nature Crusader

With California's population of 37 million projected to double by the year 2040, protecting the state's natural habitats could become even more difficult. Already, California has lost 99 percent of its native grasslands, 80...

Last Call

Suzette Riddle Founder and President, California LecturesI am most happy when: Adventure traveling with my husband.My biggest indulgence is: Sleeping in.It makes me sad to see: So much war in the world.The section of the...

Stonegrill & Bar

Thinking of our cave-dwelling predecessors squatting next to a fire and roasting hunks of animal flesh for their dinner, I'm thankful that this cooking method&emdash;time-consuming and blisteringly hot&emdash;has been refined over the millennia. dining...

Publisher’s Note: Eat Up

I doubt there is a business as difficult to run as a restaurant. This is particularly true today in and around Sacramento, where, along with hundreds of established restaurants, dozens of new ones compete...


By Steve LaRosaI'm not one to miss a historic event. So when I caught wind back in 1989 that Jim Van Nort, the owner of downtown Sacramento's legendary burger joint, Jim-Denny's, was about to...


Eat Farm to Fork
Eat Farm to Fork