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Ever the student, I once attended a wine class at a bookstore. My enthusiasm shriveled on the vine when I realized no wine would actually be served. Instead, the store was pushing wine books...

Matt Woolston’s Tricolored Marbled Mashed Potatoes

Boil each potato variety separately in lightly salted water until just done. Keeping the three varieties separate, run each through a food mill or ricer. Season with 1–2 tablespoons of butter, 2–3 tablespoons of...

Last Call: Timm Rolek

The person I most admire is: My dad. People would be surprised to know: How shy I really am.  I am most happy when: I'm sailing. The first...

Last Call: Heddy Kung

Vice president and branch manager, California Bank & Trust Three words that best describe me are: Variety is king. (In my case, queen.) I never get tired of: Seeing sweet...

Second City

Bartenders and economists alike notice a drop in spending as holiday credit card bills arrive&emdash;a January hangover, if you will. Are you, too, resolving to tighten your budget as you work away at your...


Occasionally, as a restaurant reviewer, I am just plain stumped. I will enjoy a series of very good meals at an attractive, friendly restaurant&emdash;and marvel that it is virtually empty every time I visit....

Come on, Get ‘Happy’

Just like the weight around your middle, the meaning of happy hour tends to shift as you move into midlife. When you're in your 20s, happy hour means staking out the cheapest...

Greek Roast Chicken

January's crisp, cold evenings send most of us rushing for home and a warm, comforting dinner. There's nothing quite as restorative to body and soul as simple roast chicken, served with a generous scoop...


Eat Farm to Fork
Eat Farm to Fork