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Sports Hall Of Fame

We salute 20 world-class athletes who have called Sacramento home.The Sacramento region has produced hundreds of top-tier professional and amateur athletes. In their honor, Sacramento magazine presents the Sacramento Sports Hall of Fame. Choosing...

Kevin Martin

This Sacramento Kings player’s small-town values make him a pleasing anomaly among NBA stars. With apologies to Ella Fitzgerald, for most of the modern NBA’s young gunners, life just don’t mean a thing if it...

Paul Moller

Meet a local inventor with some high-flying ideas. Every life has a turning point that determines which road a person ultimately will travel. For inventor Paul Moller, president of Moller International, Inc., his seminal moment...

Jeffrey Callison

Sacramento radio listeners know Jeffrey Callison as the worldly, inquisitive host of “Insight,” local NPR affiliate Capital Public Radio’s daily hour-long look at issues facing the region. But while Callison’s smooth style and distinctive...

Jerry Reynolds

A lot has changed with the Sacramento Kings since their arrival here in 1985. The team has lived a roller coaster of failure and success, gradually evolving from the NBA’s version of a Siberian...

Eric Musselman

The Kings’ new head coach is known for demanding a lot of his players. Will he be any different in Sacramento?   Redemption is a common theme in sports. Everyone loves to see a favorite...

Regional Reps

Anyone not living in a cave for the past year undoubtedly remembers the utter devastation wrought upon the Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina late last August. That memory is definitely fresh for those of...


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Eat Farm to Fork