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Tiffany at the Crocker

Let’s all raise a glass to the Crocker Art Museum, which has endured the many challenges of COVID-19 and emerged, back open to the pubic, with a special exhibit of stained glass and other...

Sustainable Sac: Preppers

There’s being prepared for disasters, and there’s being a prepper. Can either one qualify as sustainable?First, let us consider preppers, the popular term used to describe people who make preparations for a future catastrophe...

Sutter Street Theatre and Chautauqua Playhouse Reopen

Backlit screens have served many an unforeseen purpose these past 14-plus months, including as placeholders for theatergoers who because of the pandemic have not been allowed to, um, go to theaters.But the virus is...

Jazz and Bluegrass

If you are itching to hear jazz and bluegrass, put up a modest amount of scratch at two local venues these next two weekends and your wish will be granted.From 8 to 10 p.m....
Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera

Copland and Williams and the Philharmonic

If you are asked to list American composers of classical music, even if you are not an aficionado of the genre, there is a solid chance you would summon the names of Aaron Copland...
city theatre

City Theatre’s Quarantine Comedy

Are you of the optimistic (or simply worn-out) mindset that COVID-19 is winding down? If so, perhaps it is time to treat the pandemic like a close-out sale: Act now or all the virtual...
Sac Philharmonic & Opera’s Spring Soirées

Sac Philharmonic & Opera’s Spring Soirées

Although the time is approaching when once again we will be able to assemble in concert halls, we are not there yet. The Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera looks to tame any related impatience by...
John Natsoulas Gallery Presenter John Seed

Painting With John Natsoulas Gallery

Would you like to brush up on your painting skills and learn more from a panel of experts? If so, the John Natsoulas Gallery has just the virtual event for you: “The Art of...
peter petty

California Stage Presents Peter Petty

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush on Saturday night (April 17), California Stage’s Social Distancing Theatre proposes to oblige with bandleader Peter Petty.The live show, which runs from 8 to 10 p.m....

Say It Ain’t So, Joe…

The good news is that a cup of hot coffee helps hundreds of millions of people wake up every morning. The bad news . . .Yes, because this is a column about sustainability, where...