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paper towel problems

Paper Towel Problems

This month, we spill the beans about paper towels and their destructive roll . . . er, role . . . regarding the greater environment.By the end of this story, you might feel pretty...
verge center for the arts

Verge Fair Art Sale

Do you have the urge to purchase artwork? If so, consider attending the Verge Fair. The three-day art market starts Friday, May 20 at the downtown venue (625 S St.)The fair is “designed to...
beer ballet

Beer & Ballet at the CLARA

Get ready for some elegant hops and—barre-ly?—when Sacramento Ballet dancers present their annual Beer & Ballet performances through May 21 at the CLARA performing arts complex in midtown.“Why yes, in fact: beer and ballet...
Sutter Street theatre

Sarah, Plain and Tall At Sutter Street

Many of us are old . . . er, rather, seasoned enough to remember a time when placing a classified advertisement in a newspaper was the most popular and efficient way to sell or...
live theater in the region

Live Theater Lights Up Region

Buckle up for a roundup of regional theater offerings, in three super-short acts. Two of the plays are ongoing and the other one is about to start.“The Music Man,” presented through May 1 by...
sports going green

Sustainability: Sporting Green

Springtime means the return of baseball, which triggers feelings of warm nostalgia in many of us “seasoned” fans. As kids we liked to play, and all our lives we have enjoyed attending games.But ....
california museum

Plastic Crisis Probed at California Museum

Forget about “Paper, or plastic?” Things have progressed to the point where California Museum is asking “Planet or Plastic?” The downtown museum (1020 O St., conveniently within a few strides of a light-rail stop)...
Sutter Street Theatre

C.S. Lewis Classic Comes to Folsom

Did you hear the one about the cat and the enchantress who walk into a closet? You know, with Santa Claus somehow being part of the scenario?Sutter Street Theatre lays it all out starting...
Sacramento Theatre Company musical

STC Performs Hit Musical Songs

Are you familiar with popular music from the last three decades of the 20th century? Of course you are. It’s still all around us—on TV and radio, in movies, any number of other outlets...

Cosplay at the Crocker

The Crocker Art Museum would like you to know that it’s time to get dressed.Dressed up, that is, specifically in costumes that reflect popular culture.Yes, CrockerCon has come calling all “comic book creators, cosplayers...