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thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving Footprints

As the holidays descend upon us in this absurdly strange year, let us carve out a little time amid the strangeness to reflect on the sustainability of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.As a place to...
archival gallery

A Spooky Exhibit

A colorfully clothed woman stands with her head cut off and tucked into her right elbow. A bee lies in repose, its face having been replaced with a miniature turbine. A long and slender creature with five horns and six...
vegan burger

Vegan Challenge

Has the pandemic, sprinkled with wildfire smoke and doused in politics, perhaps further flavored with a dab of cabin fever and possibly plated with the no-break-neediness of young children, caused you to eat too much? Maybe...
leaf and lawn blower

Lawn Care: Are We Blowing It?

Picture this: You’re at home (as you have been almost every moment since mid-March). You are drinking coffee or some other comforting beverage (which you have been doing more than ever—since mid-March). You are conversing leisurely with...
city theatre

Even The Bard Is on Zoom

As has been said for eons in the theater world, “The show must go on.” At the moment, during this long and painful period known as the COVID-19 pandemic, some acting troupes have tweaked that mantra...
skin mask

A Clean Routine

If you want to feel better about the products you apply to your body, with the fringe benefit of lightening your environmental impact, Refill Madness in midtown is a good place to start.The small...
dancing with landmarks

Dancing with the Landmarks

We can’t dance around the fact that the COVID-19 crisis has taken a toll on performing arts organizations, which even in non-pandemic times struggle to make ends meet. Many local groups and performers have sought to...
toilet paper

Don’t Just Roll With It

Are you sitting down? We need to talk about something that might make you feel uncomfortable.We need to talk about the sustainability of toilet paper.Almost all of us, at least in this country, take...

The Crocker Presses On

On Sept. 1, Crocker Art Museum Director Lial A. Jones announced that due to a $2 million deficit in its fiscal year budget, the organization had laid off six full-time and nine part-time employees. That represented about 15...

Learn the Dynamics of Ceramics

Hey kids, it’s clay time at the John Natsoulas Center for the Arts in Davis. From 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 18, the gallery will host a free webinar during which pairs of...