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danilla sands talks fire

In Case of Fire

When the Valley Fire hit Lake County six years ago, Danilla Sands was in her mid-30s with three young children. She lived in Redwood Valley, a couple hours’ drive north of Sacramento—where she regularly...
trish fontana stroke victim

Having a Stroke

At 4 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 2, 2019, I awoke out of a deep sleep and thought I was having a nightmare. I could not move my legs or my left arm. In addition,...
restaurant owners are having a tough time hiring

Help Wanted

When COVID-19 jolted the world in early 2020, it became immediately apparent that the restaurant industry would be among the hardest hit sectors of the economy. But a few months ago, as vaccines became...
real estate

Real Estate: The Bay Area Influence

In early spring, Arthur Chinn and Tom Richardson sit in their backyard in the Fairgrounds neighborhood of Sacramento, sipping tea and eating home-baked snickerdoodle cookies. Chinn is an architect and designer, Richardson a retired...
esther marie hall

Conversation Starters: Esther Marie Hall

Working with fiber and textiles is what connects Esther Marie Hall to her cultural identities. It’s the thread she traces back to her childhood, growing up with a Southern grandmother steeped in traditional American...
Bobbie Singh-Allen

15 Minutes with Bobbie Singh-Allen

The newly elected mayor of Elk Grove discusses her plans for the city, breaking barriers and staying grounded in the midst of an acrimonious campaign.What's the biggest challenge Elk Grove is facing currently, and...
lance woods

Bringing the Jokes

LANCE WOODS FIRST STARTED doing comedy in church—yes, really, church—and has taken it big time, performing at top venues around the country and even for U.S. Marine Corps troops in Japan. So how cool...
justin farren

It’s All About the Songs

Singer-songwriter Justin Farren has a strong voice, a fluid guitar style and a likable persona. But it’s his songs—rich, relatable stories imbued with clever wordplay—that are his true calling card, earning him a bevy...

Making a Makeshift Living

PAUL BALTIMORE NEVER EXPECTED that he’d have to cobble together teaching gigs at three different community colleges to earn a living. Baltimore, who holds a doctorate from UC Santa Barbara and is an expert...