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let the party begin

Let the Party Begin

As the evenings lengthen and the holidays approach, you may find yourself wanting to invite friends over for a cozy meal at home. But what if you’re not an absolute whiz in the kitchen,...
urban wine tour showing Ro Sham Beaux

An Urban Wine Tour

NOT LONG AGO, wine bars and urban wineries were a bit of a rarity in Sacramento, even though the capital city is surrounded by hundreds of wineries. Over the past few years,  however, the...
bennett's american cooking

Bennett’s American Cooking

When Bandera on Fair Oaks Boulevard closed its doors in 2018, you could practically hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth all the way down at the state Capitol. For two decades, the popular...
picnic of your dreams

Picnic Planning

In the olden days (that is, pre-2020), picnics were simple, DIY affairs. You’d pack a blanket to throw on the ground, a few sandwiches, maybe some fruit, and something cold and possibly alcoholic to...
restaurant dining during the pandemic

Restaurateurs on the Pandemic

Simpler menus. New technologies. Work-life balance. Those are just a few of the changes wrought by COVID-19 at local restaurants. We caught up with three Sacramento restaurateurs for their stories of the pandemic. Michael HargisDuring...
cafe bernardo paragary

Paragary’s Fort Sutter Hotel Opens

Don’t get Randy Paragary started on the governor and his whipsawing COVID restrictions. Red tier, purple tier, no to indoor dining, yes-no-yes to patio dining—it all makes him see red.“I don’t think it’s fair,”...

Dining’s Front-Line Workers

Being a restaurant worker in a pandemic is no picnic.After recently talking with more than a half-dozen servers and bartenders, I came away with a new appreciation for these unsung heroes. For the past eight  months, they have...
saigon alley pho

Pho Sure

Here, people are used to trekking to South Sacramento when they have a hankering for authentic Vietnamese food. Mymy Nguyen and her husband, Jimmy Voong, envisioned something different: a hip restaurant in a hip...
lou valente

Fish Tales

More than two years after getting fired from his namesake restaurant, Lou Valente is back and better than ever.The former Lou’s Sushi frontman debuted Southpaw Sushi on a suddenly bustling stretch of Del Paso...