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uptown takeout

Uptown Takeout

The pork ribs are the real deal at Uptown Takeout: rubbed with a spice mixture, then cooked low and lower over a smoker out back. Sauce'? That's up to you. Also on the menu:...
Chant’el Cafe

Chant’el Cafe in Folsom

At CHANT’EL CAFE IN FOLSOM, the baked goods look like they came straight from Wayne Thiebaud’s imagination. The European-style patisserie serves fresh fruit tarts and éclairs in multiple flavors, including chocolate, hazelnut, raspberry and...
tower bridge dinner chefs

The Tower Bridge Chefs

To prepare this year’s Tower Bridge Dinner, UC Davis Health’s executive chef Santana Diaz (center) will lead a team of chefs that includes (from left to right) Kru’s Billy Ngo, Nixtaco’s Patricio Wise, Track...
poppy by mama kim slider

Mama Kim Returns

Opening a restaurant was never a particularly easy endeavor. But opening a restaurant during a global pandemic adds an extra level of difficulty. It’s like surfing a monster wave while simultaneously juggling knives. Either...
poor boys

Good Times Roll

There’s nothing stingy about a po’ boy, the Depression-era sandwich that originated in New Orleans during the 1929 streetcar strike and was served free to out-of-work conductors. We’ve got our own problems now, but...
outdoor dining

Dining in the Time of Coronavirus: Meet the ‘Streaterie’

When it became clear that indoor dining might not return for a very long time, restaurateurs took their show on the road, setting up tables on city sidewalks, in parking lots and even, in...
atom burger

Have It Your Way

Longtime Sacramento chef Adam Pechal has revived the ATOM BURGER from his now-defunct Tuli Bistro. Choice is the name of the game: You pick your patty (beef, turkey or vegan) and one of six...
sibling steak tartare

New Sibling

When Danny and Olga Turner opened Pushkin’s Bakery in 2013, gluten-free products weren’t particularly easy to find outside of a handful of health food stores. Close to a decade later, it’s no longer unusual...
majka pizza

Pizza in the Park

With restaurants currently closed for indoor dining, why not pick up a pizza at MAJKA PIZZERIA AND BAKERY and take it across the street to Fremont Park for an alfresco dining experience? Open Thursday...
food burger wildwood

All in the Family

A QUARTER-CENTURY IN BUSINESS is nothing to scoff at these days. With restaurants closing right and left, one that remains open and successful (not to mention relevant) for more than two decades is close...