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copper penny interior designer Rebecca Ward

Nest: Practical Beauty

When a couple from Carmel approached interior designer Rebecca Ward about a makeover for a second home they’d purchased in Granite Bay to be closer to their grandson on the weekends, she didn’t balk...
bachli design

Sexy & the City

When you live in a condo above Sacramento’s sexiest hotel, your home is destined to inherit some of that sex appeal, too. For the woman who inhabits this swank condo, that’s totally OK. In...
design home

Blue Her Mind

It was supposed to be an Airbnb. But after Rebecca Ward came in to select finishes and furnishings, the homeowner of this custom new build had a major change of heart. “The client was so happy with...
taste of spain

A Taste of Spain

“When I think of traditional Spanish design, I see a beautiful blend of cultural motifs influenced in shape and pattern by nearby Morocco, coupled with the warmth of slightly rustic materials like wood and...