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local home docor

Décor by Local Artisans

Sacramento creatives are a bunch of crafty innovators who see possibilities in everyday objects. They transform raw materials into your new favorite coffee mug or blend fragrances that capture the essence and beauty of...
East Village Bookshop

East Village Bookshop

Sabrina Nishijima is simply crazy about books. When her kids were little, she took them to the public library almost every day and had, at one point, 70 titles checked out. She wrote a...
grill fruit and ice cream by crissa jones

Grilling Recipes: Stone Fruit and Vanilla Ice Cream

Dessert generally isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think about cooking outdoors. But pastry chef Carissa Jones thinks a grilled dessert is a beautiful thing, especially during Sacramento’s scorching summers....
pork belly

Grilling Recipes: Pork Belly Burnt Ends

Tyler Mentink is wild for his Big Green Egg, a spendy outdoor cooker that looks like an oversized Fabergé egg and has a cult following. Even though he has a backyard full of outdoor...

Grilling Recipes: Pork Chops With Jalapeño Glaze and Pickled Peaches

Seth Helmly calls himself “a hopeless romantic” when it comes to cooking over a wood fire. “I’m infatuated with everything fire,” says Helmly, who owns East Sac’s Joon Market with his fiancée, Saba Rahimian.At...

Grilling Recipes: Live-Fire Pork

There’s something elemental about cooking a whole animal over fire—it is, after all, how our caveman ancestors fed themselves. It’s also how Beau Fairbairn loves to cook. This former restaurant chef fell into live-fire...
Calabrian Chili Potato Pizza

Grilling Recipes: Calabrian Chili Potato Pizza

Local photographer and recipe developer Erin Alderson dove headfirst into outdoor pizza making while working at home during the pandemic.Her passion was largely born out of necessity: Fair Oaks, where she lives with her...
grilled steak tacos

Grilling Recipes: Skirt Steak Tacos

Cecil Rhodes grew up grilling. As a little boy, he watched intently as his father mounded the charcoal in his trusty Weber, soaked it with lighter fluid and lit it with a crumpled newspaper....
plant daddy co

Growing the Biz

Plant Daddy Co. proprietors Luke Swanson (seated) and Jake Dill told us a few months back that they were having a wild time keeping up with the demand for houseplants during the pandemic. Everyone,...

Home Cookin’ – Parsi Lamb

RAVIN PATEL comes from a family that simply loves lamb. For tenderness, he prefers to braise lamb rather than roast it. “I apply the flavors we love but cook it the way I would...