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chickadee ridge

Sierra Hike: Chickadee Ridge

Across the road from Mt. Rose, a wooden path leads hikers to a ridge that gets its nickname from the birds that inhabit it. Park along the side of Mt. Rose Highway. The wooden...
monkey rock

Sierra Hike: Monkey Rock

If you hike with the destination in mind, this Incline Village trail will please. Legend says a lonely man going through a divorce discovered a rock above Lake Tahoe that roughly resembled a gorilla....
mt. rose summit hike

Sierra Hike: Mt. Rose Summit

If “summit a mountain” is on your bucket list, Mt. Rose offers a moderately challenging option for those who want to peak it. Overall, you’ll rise 2,300 feet as you trek to the top...
brunch wedding

Brunch Weddings

If you’ve ever imagined serving French toast at your reception or cheers-ing your nuptials with a mimosa, a brunch wedding may be the perfect fit. Brunch always feels celebratory, with festive morning cocktails and...
mt. rose waterfall hike

Sierra Hike: Mt. Rose Waterfall

This 5-mile out-and-back moderate hike offers rocky terrain, some shade and a waterfall as the destination. To get here, take Mt. Rose Highway and, as you approach the summit, park in the large lot...
floral arrangement

Curious Floral

Wedding flowers—bouquets, boutonnieres, and ceremony and reception décor—are an important part of the wedding day. However, after the event, those florals don’t really last. Guests may take home a centerpiece to enjoy at home...
cave rock

Sierra Hike: Cave Rock

This one is more about the view than the journey. The trail is easy to access with an easily visible trailhead. Just off of Highway 50, turn onto Cave Rock Road (to your right,...
girl scouts

Girl Scouts Meets Grubhub

Girl Scouts Heart of Central California, which serves greater Sacramento (and 17 surrounding counties), has teamed up with Grubhub to make ordering cookies on demand easier for residents in select regions. Sacramento, Davis and Woodland are among the locations benefiting...
Dry Diggings Distillery

From Intoxicant to Disinfectant

Bars have been shuttered as part of Gov. Newsom’s coronavirus-control efforts for some time, and as a result of a shift in public needs, many local distilleries altered their business models. For some, this means using some of their...
covid treatment

A Treatment for COVID?

It seems the world has been holding its breath while awaiting a cure, vaccine or effective treatment for COVID-19. And while a cure may never come, the United States has made strides toward both...