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red voodoo members Davin Loiler, Dino McCord, Andy Nathan and Andrew Edwards

Red Voodoo Brings It Back

Soon after the drums thunder and the iconic opening guitar riff to Montrose’s “Rock Candy” blasts from the speakers, Dino McCord lets loose a guttural yell of “Lord, yeah” that sounds like it could...
Health Habits for Healthy Bodies

Healthy Habits for Healthy Bodies

She grabs the handle of her shopping cart and immediately turns the clanky wheels to the perimeter aisles of her local grocery store. It’s there, on the outside, that Christina Spencer finds the most...
cancer treatments

A Revolutionary Cancer Therapy

Jan Nolta, Ph.D., uses a lot of military metaphors when describing the work she does at the gene manufacturing lab at the UC Davis Institute for Regenerative Cures and Good Manufacturing Practice facility. When...
river city strings club

Strings in the Park

Fourth-grader Sloane Buckley-Unger has been playing violin for only two years, but she has progressed enough that she felt confident to stand and start the countdown to S. Suzuki’s “Allegro” and play as if...

Wellness: Ketamine

A self-professed “advocate of psychedelics,” Ryan Duey has begun experimenting with ketamine to expand his mind. In February, Duey went to ShaMynds Healing Center in midtown for a dose of ketamine delivered intravenously and...
podcast couple

The Podcast Lounge

Podcasting, the act of recording a digital audio file and making it available for download on the Internet, has definitely entered into the mainstream of American media consumption. Approximately 197 million Americans surveyed say...
Afghan refugee Rameen Aziz

From Afghanistan to Sacramento

There were several times this past summer when Rameen Aziz thought his life might be over. Just heading out to shop for food resulted in frequent stops by roving bands of Taliban fighters still...