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corona love

Love in the Time of Corona

Dating is hard. In a pandemic, it’s even harder: If you manage to find someone worth spending time with, when is it OK to meet in person, and what can you even do together?...
Ram-Khatiwoda in farm field

Farming in the City: New Roots

In 2009, the International Rescue Committee helped Ram Khatiwoda resettle in the United States from a refugee camp in eastern Nepal, where he’d lived for 17 years after fleeing his native Bhutan. Working as...
table farm group

Farming in the City: Table Farms

You can use urban farming to address social and environmental issues.That was the big takeaway for Gina Anderson during an environmental justice summit at Jesuit High School, where she worked. There, an urban farmer spoke at length...
judith and chanowk yisrael

Farming in the City: Yisrael Family Farms

Judith and Chanowk Yisrael become urban farming pioneers in part out of necessity. During the Great Recession, they were looking to reduce their family’s food bill—together, they have nine children. They also wanted to...

Farming in the City: West Sacramento Urban Farms

Imagine: A vacant lot transformed into a fruit garden. An apartment balcony repurposed as a tomato nursery. A backyard that functions as a grocery store. They’re all urban farms, producing food in the city—and literally changing the landscape...

Speaking of Sex

Megan Negendank grew up in love with love, frequently taking personality quizzes about her future perfect partner and analyzing her friends’ relationships. She also found herself drawn to psychology because anxiety and depression run...

There’s Nothing Selfish About Self-Care

It’s 2020, and there is a lot to be excited about. As we cast our gazes elsewhere, though, our outlook can feel a little bit bleaker. The stress of our work seeps into our...
rock climbing

Rock Stars

It’s addictive. It’s a great way to make friends. It’s beneficial for your health. It’s climbing, and everyone is doing it. Once it was considered a fringe sport, but now more people than ever...
iv on demand

IVs on Demand

In a world where a ride home at any time of day is just around the corner in a gray Nissan Rogue, toiletries and televisions arrive at your door 48 hours after you order...

A Weight Off Their Chests

It’s a truism that’s far older than the iconic Pamela Anderson: Big breasts have long signaled sexiness, fertility and femininity. Of course, they have also signaled back and shoulder pain, difficulty finding bras and...