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river salmon

Salmon: King of the River

At the edge of the American River, the dorsal fins of tired Chinook salmon breach the surface as the fish tread the slow currents. They’ve performed their last act: the return to the streams...

Regenerative Ag at Home

Shawn Harrison, founder and co-director of Soil Born Farms in Rancho Cordova, a nonprofit urban farm and education center, shares simple regenerative agricultural practices that empower people to address environmental challenges—and change the world...
Jerusalem cricket

Jerusalem Crickets

The Jerusalem cricket isn’t the prettiest insect around, but don’t hold that against it. Dr. Lynn Kimsey, professor of entomology and director of the Bohart Museum of Entomology at UC Davis, shares some insights...
feral cats

Feral Cats

Wild and unsocialized, the feral cats of Sacramento live among our neighborhoods and riverbanks. These cats are at the center of a battleground between those who advocate for their right to live and those...
opossum family

All About Opossums

You may have seen them waddling around the neighborhood: white faces, pointy noses, about the size of a cat with a tail that looks like a rat’s. The Virginia opossum is much maligned, says...
beavers mother nature's treasure map

Mother Nature’s Treasure Hunt

For a nature-inspired challenge in this region, we’ve put together a treasure hunt that’s fun for all ages. Take your time as you explore. Awe-inspiring mysteries of the natural world are everywhere, and connecting...
baby animals

Springtime Babies

This spring, as bird nests fill with bobbing, gaping beaks, and burrows and dens come alive with wriggling young, we share top tips developed with Terri Muzik, a longtime volunteer rehabber with Wildlife Care Association in Sacramento, on how to...
Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Wildlife Sightings

Many of us are drawn to the wild. It’s a connection Edward O. Wilson, author of “Biophilia: The Human Bond With Other Species,” describes as our innate love of nature.“It’s one of the good...

Garden Insects: Friend or Foe?

Deep in our gardens, insects hunt and forage for food, battle with predators and prey, and hatch new life from eggs so beautiful they could pass as art while others give birth to live young....

Backyard Birding

Birds. They’re strikingly intelligent, often jaw-droppingly gorgeous, masterful courters and nest makers, and some are givers of gifts. They’re highly social and communicative, singers of symphonic melodies and travelers of the globe.As we’ve remained...