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Sacramento Magazine's Top Lawyers List

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Partners in Crime

Dogs are man’s best friend, the saying goes. But if you ask local K-9 officers, they’ll tell you that dogs make the best partners, too.Most law enforcement agencies in the area use K-9 officers...

Good Eating in Fall and Winter

Now that the days are shorter, the nights colder and the sun not quite so bright, it’s almost hard to remember the flavor of those summer treats that filled our baskets and our stomachs....

A Dangerous Habit

Take a peek in your neighbors’ cars when stuck in traffic on I-80 and you’ll see more than your share of drivers looking down into their laps and not at the road. Pause at...

Clean Eating: New Fad or Old Wisdom?

Earlier this year, Cooking Light magazine sported a cover line that read “How to Eat Clean in 2015.” Martha Stewart has a new clean-eating book out, titled “Clean Slate.” BuzzFeed, Slate and The Guardian...

Hangover Helpers: Fact or Fiction?

 Hangovers are funny things. Not only are they a classic trope for Hollywood comedies and rather hilarious when they’re happening to someone other than you, but they’re strangely hard to pin down. Ask the...

It’s Crab Time

It’s the tail end of crab feed season again in our fair city. Still time to crack and slurp for a good cause. So bust out your Old Bay and your bibs and sidle...

Help Restore the Eastern Star Ballroom

The Eastern Star Ballroom is one of the great treasures of Sacramento. It's got a fantastic dance floor that's spring-loaded in the old-fashioned style of the 1940s. It’s also a time capsule, featuring gorgeous...

Beer, Polka, Beer: Bockbierfest!

Enjoy the finest German brews, along with polka, brats and all things Teutonic at this year’s Bockbierfest at the Sacramento Turn Verein. Bocks are strong German beers typically drunk throughout the winter and spring...

Crack Open Crab Season—Part II

It’s still crab feed season. It’s that time of year when it seems like half of the area’s charities, churches, benevolent societies and junior high school girl’s basketball teams break out the crabs and...


Eat Farm to Fork
Eat Farm to Fork