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Photography by Francisco Chavira

sunday farmers market

Sunday Farmers Market

The Sunday morning farmers market—the big one—has moved from under the W-X freeway near Southside Park to the back side of Arden Fair mall while the Caltrans Fix 50 project continues. The teem­ing market...
pandemic takeout

Top Takeout

During COVID-19, few industries have suffered as mightily as the restaurant business. Unable to offer dine-in services for most of the past year, restaurants have turned to takeout in order to survive. In the...
ginger elizabeth

Breakfast of Champions

Ginger Elizabeth Hahn, owner of Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates, has expanded her midtown empire. GINGER ELIZABETH PATISSERIE serves freshly baked croissants, muffins, scones and other baked items, along with coffee, espresso and hot chocolate. Open...
love child

Drink Up!

LOVE CHILD, the new eatery from the owner of LowBrau, is all about plant-based options, with a menu that includes a vegan version of In-N-Out’s Double-Double burger and cold-pressed juices. Served in a groovy 16-ounce...
state fair food to go

State Fair To Go

With the state fair canceled this summer due to the pandemic, how are you going to get your deep-fried Twinkie fix? Easy: Through CA STATE FAIR FOOD FESTIVAL TO-GO, a weekly pop-up at Cal...
brissa heredia

Sweets for the Sweet

Traditional Mexican sweet breads, known as pan dulce, are the main attraction at BRISSA & CO., a new Mexican bakery and market in Folsom. Here, owner Brissa Heredia shows off a tray of conchas:...