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zoom tournament

Zoom Fun: Hold a Tournament

Sometimes all it takes to have a successful Zoom hang is a little friendly competition.Midtown resident Corrine Hawes teamed up with her friends to put on a Zoom beer pong competition. What sounds like...
zoom drinking

Zoom Fun: Drink Together

Zoom happy hours were rampant last March but cooled off once we all realized we shouldn’t be plowing through a bottle of wine every night. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still occasions for...
zoom comedy session

Zoom Fun: Comedy

We can probably all agree that comedy felt a little dead this year, and for good reason. But not everyone gave up on having a laugh. Brian Crall, founder and manager of Sacramento Comedy...
zoom live theater

Zoom Fun: Live Theater

When City Theatre at Sacramento City College was forced to shut down production last March, director Christine Nicholson looked to her art as a way to cope. “We started doing Zoom play readings because...
zoom game night

Zoom Fun: Game Night

Not everyone has the confidence or desire to break out a few dance moves in front of their webcam, so for the two-left-footed, there’s always game night.Elyssa Rodriguez found her social life transitioned well...
zoom fun throw a rager

Zoom Fun: Throw a Rager

When midtown resident Melissa Granville realized there was no way she could safely celebrate her birthday in person last April, she was undeterred. “Typically, I would go to a bar or club,” she says,...
natural wines

It’s Only Natural

Natural wines. Perhaps you’ve heard of them, and maybe you’ve even tasted some. Popularly known as natty wines, they are the hottest thing in wine right now.There’s no exact definition or certification for natural wines. Strictly speaking, they’re made with grapes...

Sacramento Podcasts

Given that stay-at-home orders shut down businesses, forced us all inside and left us to our own handheld devices, it’s no wonder podcasts have flourished in this era of boredom, confusion and curiosity.The traits...
handle district

The Handle District

The Handle District may be the biggest little neighborhood in town. Belted by 18th and 19th streets in one direction and L Street and Capitol Avenue in the other, this one-square-block area is a...
thanksgiving morning

Thanksgiving Morning

When Gaylord Walker pitched a Thanksgiving Day fun run to Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services in 1994, the idea of hosting a race on the holiday was a novel one. Sacramento Food Bank...