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Brooklynn T. Solomon

A Versatile Talent

COVID may be putting a kibosh on live performances these days, but that’s not stopping actress Brooklynn T. Solomon from getting creative. Perhaps best known for her recurring role as local journalist Ginger Rutland in Rutland’s autobiographical play, “When We...
top doctors

Sacramento Magazine’s Top Doctors 2020

Navigating today’s complex medical landscape can be a chore. Luckily, we’ve done some of the legwork by presenting Sacramento Magazine’s Top Doctors, a comprehensive list of physicians who have received a nod of approval...

Headshots for Dummies: 8 Tips

Sorry, but that selfie you’ve been using as a headshot has gotta go. That’s what the experts say, anyway. In today’s increasingly virtual (thanks to COVID) business world, a high-quality headshot—one that shows you, literally, in your best...

Keeping the Laughs Going

In a grim news year like 2020, wouldn’t it have been nice if comedy clubs were deemed “essential” and allowed to stay open? Imagine how therapeutic it might have been for those who’d been...
lance woods

Bringing the Jokes

LANCE WOODS FIRST STARTED doing comedy in church—yes, really, church—and has taken it big time, performing at top venues around the country and even for U.S. Marine Corps troops in Japan. So how cool...
Todd Morgan

Music Lessons: Todd Morgan

He desperately misses performing live. But Todd Morgan has found an upside to sheltering-in-place: He’s building his repertoire. “Since I’m not busy gigging, I have time to learn new songs,” says Morgan, whose slicked-back hair and penchant for early rock ’n’...
beth duncan

Music Lessons: Beth Duncan

No. 1 lesson learned from the pandemic?“Don’t be a singer or a horn player; you can’t wear a mask,” jokes vocalist Beth Duncan. “We naturally spew!”Duncan’s rich, velvety voice has been a Sacramento staple since the ’80s. Whether you’ve caught her...
Nawal Alwareeth

Music Lessons: Nawal Alwareeth

As manager and drummer for the uber-busy local band Island of Black and White, Nawal Alwareeth is a planner and scheduler of the first order. So when COVID destroyed all the finely tuned plans she had put in place for the band for...
marcel smith

Music Lessons: Marcel Smith

While COVID captivity has wreaked havoc for every working musician, the timing was especially tough for blues/gospel singer Marcel Smith. He had just nabbed a coveted spot as lead singer with The Anthony Paule Soul Orchestra when the world came to a...
katie knipp

Music Lessons: Katie Knipp

For blues singer/musician Katie Knipp, the pandemic brought a reminder to choose your mindset carefully.“It reminded me that we’re really in charge of our own destinies,” says Knipp. “It’s easy to slip into a negative...