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zwb zach waters band

ZWB Drops First Studio Album

With their first studio album dropping Jan. 13 and an album release show Jan. 14, January is a big month for power trio ZWB (Zach Waters Band)—and Waters himself is here to tell us...
shoulder pain

All About Frozen Shoulder

There are a lot of great unknowns about frozen shoulder, including the answer to the most basic question of all: Why does it happen? If doctors puzzle over this (and they definitely do), imagine...
van gogh experience

Van Gogh in a New Light

The global phenomenon of van Gogh immersive exhibits is like a fastmoving wildfire, with productions popping up everywhere from Boston to Beijing. When Sacramento joined the party this summer with the unveiling of “Van...
treating the person

Wellness: Treating the Whole Person

Now I’m going to play psychologist for a minute.”Those were the words of my primary-care doctor, Eduardo Bermudez, M.D., of Kaiser Permanente Sacramento, during our first, getting-to-know-you appointment some 17 years ago. It goes...
richard lewis of music circus

Bravo: Music Man

It was the worst of times and now it’s the best of times: Broadway at Music Circus is back.After nearly three years of COVID-enforced closure (the last show was “In the Heights” in August...
roger smith part of the Tower of Power band in his studio

Roger Smith: The Real Deal

For Roger Smith, playing music is all about the feel. When the spirit moves him, his fingers fly wildly around the keyboard like a tarantula on speed. “With classical players, every finger is perfectly...
Abby Inkster talks about blood clots

Wellness: Blood Clots

Abby Inkster admits it may seem ironic that she, a nurse practitioner, didn’t recognize her own blood clot. But here’s the thing: Clots can be chameleonlike, not what they seem.Inkster’s came on after back-to-back...
Katie Rae from the voice

Bravo: After “The Voice”

Imagine performing on a stage with some 7 million people watching.That’s what happens on NBC’s “The Voice,” where some of the nation’s most talented singers compete to win the grand prize of a recording...

Tinnitus Help

Whether it torments daily or just annoys from time to time, the ringing, buzzing and similarly sinister sounds of tinnitus are a surprisingly common plight.Estimated to affect more than 50 million Americans, and for...
prostate health

Prostate Health

When someone asked, “Where’s the bathroom?” at a house party a few months back, a fellow guest quipped, “The women always know where the bathroom is—and guys who have BPH.”His comment grabbed my attention...