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Jimmy Pailer

From the Heart

“Possessed” is the word that comes to mind whenever I see bluesman Jimmy Pailer play—which I do as often as possible, because he grabs me every time. With his captivating charisma and mastery of...
Levi Saelua Sax Man

Sax Man in Demand

Finding the “right” instrument is not always easy, even for the musically inclined. For Levi Saelua, it was his mom who helped with that process, plunking out prerecorded sounds on an electronic keyboard and...
Zach Waters

On His Way

At 19, local blues-rock guitarist/vocalist Zach Waters is already living the dream, sharing the stage with such heavyweights as blues veteran Tommy Castro and scoring the 2018 SAMMIES award for best blues band. “It’s been...

How About Those Hecklers?

Ever witnessed a heckler creating chaos at a comedy show? An out-of-control heckler, left unchecked, has the potential to spoil an otherwise lighthearted evening—or at least put a damper on it. But how big...
Elyse Sharp

Born to Act

Ever envied those people who always knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up? Elyse Sharp is one of those people. Now 28, she’s happily working in her chosen field—she currently stars as Mary...
Lisa Loeb

B Street Offers Music, Too?

When B Street Theatre moved and reopened at the larger, more sophisticated Sofia last February, it gained more than square footage: It also became a music venue. The new, state-of-the-art complex on Capitol Avenue...
Amanda Gray

All About the Song

Is Amanda Gray a singer/song writer, or a songwriter/singer? To hear her tell it, the latter may be more apropos. “I’m a songwriter foremost, a singer next,” says Gray, 33. “I love storytellers—people who can...

Shaking Up Shakespeare

It will be Shakespeare with a twist when Shelby Saumier plays the title role in “Henry V” at the Sacramento Shakespeare Festival July 6–29. Much to her own surprise, the 24-year-old actress will portray...

Broadway and Back

For longtime Music Circus trumpeter Larry Lunetta, life in the pit is anything but. “When I sit down in the pit, I think, ‘Oh boy . . . I get to sit here for the...

Plays Well With Others

Being a talented musician is a beautiful thing, but Casey Lipka has an even more impressive gift: humility. During our phone interview, the 30-year-old bassist/vocalist/songwriter never mentions she’s opened for world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma,...


Eat Farm to Fork
Eat Farm to Fork