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Dig This

A pair of journalists sows their gardening expertise online. It’s been said that all politics is local. Same goes for gardening. That’s why two former Sacramento Bee writers have launched a blog focused on providing...

The Ugly Truth About Pretty Produce

Does cute fruit taste better? How about pretty veggies? Nope, according to San Francisco-based Imperfect Produce, a well-funded startup that is betting big on bringing so-called ugly fruit to shoppers across the country. Imperfect Produce’s...
Fried Chicken Sandwich

Cluckin’ Awesome

A chef shares the story behind the hottest chicken in town. When a food truck has a fire-breathing chicken as its logo, you know you’re in for some heat. Nash & Proper, which parks in...
Tiger dim sum cart

Easy, Tiger

Downtown spot offers an anything-but-tame take on dim sum-style dining. Tiger, the bar/restaurant that opened in November just steps from Golden 1 Center, is on a roll—literally. Many of the noshes on the eclectic menu...
Revved Up Car

Revved Up

The High-Octane Fun of Sacramento’s Car Culture. On any given weekend, you’ll find them congregating in the parking lots of doughnut shops, burger drive-throughs and Denny’s restaurants. They rumble through public parks and rev their...

Pot Luck

People who love succulents and cacti but find the selection at big-box garden centers poor now have more local sourcing options than ever. Independent plant sellers are popping up all around Sacramento, each putting...
Beers and Cameras

Point, Click, Connect

Local photographers get together to take pictures and drink beer. As hobbies go, photography isn’t an especially social one. Unlike, say, book clubs or knitting circles, taking photographs lends itself to a lot of alone...

15 Minutes with Kim Weglin

Day job: Professional highline athlete Founder: Slacklife Global and the International Church of Slacklife Side gig: Model for sportswear brand Athleta What is slacklining and how did you get into it? Slacklining is the sport of walking on...
Rebecka Smith

Rolling In It

Milk Money’s Rebecka Smith dishes on her new gig. Pastry chef Rebecka Smith turned a childhood love of baking cookies and pies with her grandmother into a career creating desserts at some of the area’s...
Casey Shideler

Out of the Limelight

How one chef earned a loyal fandom—minus the hoopla. Casey Shideler of Taylor’s Kitchen in Land Park has been wowing diners with her inventive take on seasonal fare since she became executive chef there in...


Eat Farm to Fork
Eat Farm to Fork