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E16 sparkling wine

Celebrate With Local Sparkling

The holidays are upon us but they feel pretty different this year. With COVID-19, we’ve scaled down or canceled our seasonal traditions. We are all suffering from pandemic fatigue, and it may seem that...
holiday winery

Winery Holiday Markets

In a year that seems to have lasted for eons, the holiday season is suddenly upon us. For many of us, traditions are being set aside as we take precautions to guard against the threats brought on by a...

It’s Tempranillo Time!

This weekend, Lodi welcomes wine lovers with its fifth annual Tour of Tempranillo.Tempranillo is a red grape varietal of Spanish origin and the fourth most widely planted wine grape in the world (behind cabernet sauvignon, merlot and airen). Known as the “Cabernet of Spain” because of its structure and...
great bear vineyard

Great Things at Great Bear

Last Friday, my husband and I decided to take a short drive to Davis to spend our COVID “date night.” I had been hearing some buzz about a relatively new winery, Great Bear Vineyards and...
andis harvest

Harvest Dinner at Andis

For centuries and across cultures, harvest feasts and festivals have been held to celebrate the bounty of the season. In ancient times, these gatherings were meant to show gratitude and glorify the gods responsible for the...
barbera festival

Barbera Festival This Weekend

Some would say that Amador County produces the best barbera in the world. Not sure? Want to make that determination for yourself? This weekend, Sept., Sept. 11–13, you have the opportunity to confirm this claim by attending, virtually...
edio vineyards

New on Scene: Edio Vineyards

The Delfino family has a long history in El Dorado County. Since 1964, they’ve been welcoming guests to their Apple Hill farm and bakery. This year, in the middle of the COVID-19 shutdown, they added to their...
via romano cocktail club

On Wine: Via Romano’s Cocktail Club

As wine consumers purchase more and more wine directly from producers, wineries have been getting creative in the ways they present products. To catch the attention of current and potential customers, one local winery is breaking through...

Wine and Plants: A Great Combo

It’s August in Sacramento, and we’re all feeling the heat. Temperatures have been hovering at or above 100 degrees for weeks. In addition, we’re all experiencing COVID-19 fatigue and now there are more than a few...

On Wine: Lodi Whites

For many years, Lodi’s wine reputation has been intertwined almost exclusively with robust and heady, jammy zinfandels. Lodi proudly touts the designation as “Zinfandel Capital of the World.” Producing around 40% of the nation’s...