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Getting milk from Kazoo at My Sisters’ Farm in Shingle Springs

A2 Milk From A2 Cows

In spite of its name, A2 milk was actually here first.A2, which is a name copyrighted by the a2 Milk Company out of New Zealand, is a beta casein protein that was discovered in...
dr. ed manansala

Meet El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools

All his life, Dr. Ed Manansala has had a heart for serving others. That passion was instilled in him by his parents who moved to the United States from the Philippines to give their...


When your competition is labeled a “billion-dollar bully extortionist,” you have to believe there’s a market for your alternative.Introducing Sircles, the alternative to Yelp, and the brainchild of John Worthington, Todd Fiore and Danny...
smash sacramento

Smash Sacramento

Have you ever just wanted to beat the absolute hell out of something?Welcome to Smash Sacramento, Sacramento’s “rage room,” where for $20 to $40 you can don safety gear, grab a weapon of choice...
capital games studio mandalorian

Capital Games Studio

The Force is strong with this one.Welcome to Capital Games Studio, birthplace of “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes,” the most successful Star Wars mobile game title ever released. By the end of 2020, it had...
reset cafe

New on the Scene: Reset

The husband and wife team of John and Tahni Voelz opened Reset: Café By Day on Folsom’s Sutter Street to be something a little different, and at the same time, a place where anyone...
async labs device

Ansync Labs

Have you ever wished there was a sensor on your sliding glass door so your pets can go in and out as they pleased, instead of making you their butler? Someone has invented that...

Sutter's on the Move

A patient who wakes up in Sutter Memorial Hospital on the morning of Saturday, Aug. 8, will fall asleep that night in the new $812 million Sutter Medical Center in midtown. Before he does,...

The Do's and Dont's For Protecting Your Skin

When the 19-year-old girl walked into the office of Ann Haas, M.D. with “something on her shoulder” earlier this year, the last thing she expected to walk out with was a life-changing skin cancer...

Creative Caring

Economic times may be tough, but they’ve inspired new ways of thinking about how to meet the many needs of our community.     That’s the conclusion of the Community Services Planning Council’s president/CEO, Nancy Findeisen,...