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Books on the Move

Meet Vincent Van Go, the Sacramento Public Library’s new bookmobile.The state-of-the-art Ford Transit 350 cargo van pulls into the gated parking lot of Saybrook, a 61-unit South Sacramento apartment complex built in 1960. Emblazoned...
Tina Macuha bees and honey

Catching a Buzz

The homeowner stopped cold when he stepped into his Sacramento back yard. There, clustered on a limb of a tall fir tree, was a writhing swarm of softly buzzing honeybees—thousands of them. He dashed...
darrell corti

Grocer Extraordinaire

Darrell Corti knows more about food and wine than anyone else in town—maybe more than anyone in the world. He’s got some opinions, too.If you’re an adventurous shopper who delights in making new food...
beer train

Riding the Rails

A beefy, scowling rowdy suddenly steps into our train car, bangs a wood truncheon on a table and shouts, “Hands up, everybody! This here’s a robbery!”His two compadres are close behind, skanky-looking outlaws packing...

Say Cheese

Chef-educator Roxanne O’Brien wears many toques. She’s a cheesemonger who helps judge competitions at the California State Fair, and she maintains close ties to the American Cheese Society, a major player in the cheese...

Best Wurst (and Beer)

The defining image of Oktoberfest, the annual Bavarian folk festival underway Sept. 22–Oct. 7 in Germany, is overflowing steins of beer and platters of steaming wurst, both of which we have in abundance right...

The Provençal Way

After more than 50 years, Georgeanne Brennan’s love affair with Provence still burns bright. The passion has been so strong that the cookbook author-food educator has created a lifestyle in rural Winters that echoes...