Last Call: Ashkan Bashiri


Owner, Suede Salon & Spa

A great gift for you: Health and happiness.

Best thing you cook:
I make some great soups. In the wintertime, all I eat are soups.

Something you’d like to learn to do:
Play the guitar.

Something about you that people would be surprised to know:
I love to garden.

Three things that are always in your fridge: Plain yogurt, salad mix and eggs.

What famous person, past or present, would you want to have dinner with? Arnold. I’d like to have dinner with Arnold, just one-on-one.

First thing you’d do after winning the lottery: Take a long vacation.

What makes you happy?
To see all the people that I work with, who believe in me, successful and happy.

Favorite time of year:

Something you’d want on a deserted island:
A good friend.

Recent indulgence: A car. CLS Mercedes.

Celebrity you love to hate: Britney Spears.