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Twice a year, we’ll bring you inside the most beautiful houses in and around Sacramento, and show you how to create spectacular looks in your own home. We talk with the most sought-after local designers and spotlight exquisite, stylish products—and reveal where to find them, whether the look is contemporary, traditional or something in between. Sac Design, loaded with tips and trends and high-end photography, is a must-read for homeowners, designers and anyone who appreciates the magic and comfort of a stunning home.

Summer Edition:
Space Close: 6/2/2021
Art Deadline: 6/7/2021

Fall Edition:
Space Close: 9/23/2021
Art Deadline: 9/29/2021

In every issue:

  • New design trends
  • Insight into local style setters
  • Latest in home products and decor
  • Fine homes and furnishings that inspire
  • Appliances and gadgets galore
  • Architecture reviews
  • Neighborhoods
  • Real estate tips