Some Social Justice Groups

racial justice

Many people are looking to join with others to take their racial justice work to a new level. Here are some local organizations that are working to educate and take action toward creating change, along with some information about each, taken directly from their mission statements and other materials. 

Black Lives Matter Sacramento

Black Lives Matter Sacramento is fighting for the safety, healing, and liberation of all Black People. We fight violence and terror at the hands of the police, elected officials, and legislation. We work on building structures to replace systems that oppress, criminalize, and hinder our greatness. We also try to bring healing and joy into our communities that are traumatized and over-policed. 

ACLU of Northern California, Sacramento Area

The Sacramento County chapter is working to protect and advance civil liberties and civil rights in Sacramento County. This chapter meets monthly. Chapters are the ACLU’s eyes and ears in our home communities. We extend the ACLU’s reach throughout Northern California and keep lawmakers on their toes by working tirelessly to advance countless civil liberties goals using a variety of tactics. 

Sacramento NAACP 

Our Sacramento NAACP Branch mission is to continue to strive for equality on every level, meet and confront the challenge of disparities in our community, as well as become the voice for those who feel they do not have a voice. Our on-going goals are to: increase voter registration, high school graduation, and home ownership; decrease health disparities and high school drop outs; and continue to educate our community on issues that affect them. These goals can only be maintained with support from our community. By becoming a member and volunteering your services, or supporting the many events we have throughout the year, you help us maintain the operational needs of our branch. 

Sacramento ACT (Sacramento Area Congregations Together)

Sacramento ACT empowers ordinary people to identify and change the conditions that create economic and racial injustice. Our shared faith values call us to envision and build a just and equitable community for all. 

NorCal Resist 

We’re community members organizing for a better world, and we invite you to join us. We believe that as activists and organizers, we must not only stand in opposition to policies, politicians, and systems that harm our communities, but also begin building the better world we want to live in. That’s why it’s our mission to fight injustice through making a positive impact in our communities. We host educational events and trainings, organize actions, and maintain a variety of resources and programs that provide support to those in need. 

Black Womxn United 

We seek to serve as protectors and advocates for Black womxn when support, guidance or love is needed. We will build a network of Black womxn that promotes sisterhood and inclusiveness and fosters growth within the Black community. We strive to elevate and center Black womxn within not only the Women’s Liberation movement but also the Black Liberation movement and promote Black female leadership. We will explore the intersections of Black womxnhood, create dialogue and discussion around misogynoir and work towards effective and strategic methods to eradicate anti-Blackness imposed on Black womxn. We will work within every social structure to ensure Black womxn are properly represented and heard.