Soaring Sights for the Eyes

Point Reyes Estuary by Marie Therese-Brown

Two things that are reliably rewarding to stare at are creative artwork and public television. You have an opportunity to engage in the former and show support for the latter thanks to a Davis-based cooperative gallery of arts and crafts.

The Artery, which has been around since 1974, is dedicating its September exhibit to the educational- and civics-nourishing shows offered by KVIE Channel 6, the regional Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) affiliate. “For many years The Artery has donated to the KVIE Art Auction, which raises funds to keep quality programming on the air,” the gallery explains in announcing its new exhibit, which runs through Saturday, Oct. 3. The Artery recognizes 14 members who have contributed to the KVIE Auction, past and present.

The works being displayed in the exhibit are not part of the TV station’s auction, but rather are available for sale at the gallery. In other words, if you love the style of one of the artists but are wary of being out-bid during the Oct. 24 on-air auction, you can ensure you own something by that artist if you shop from the exhibit.

Emerald Radiance by Linda Bird

Marie ThereseBrown and Linda Bird are among this month’s featured artists. Therese-Brown specializes in plein-air oil landscapes, while Bird works with glass, metals, ceramic, wood and other natural elements. Learn more about Therese-Brown, Bird and the cooperative’s other artists on The Artery’s website.

Look for more information about the exhibit soon on The Artery’s Facebook page.

The gallery, at 207 G St. in Davis, is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. Visitors must observe all coronavirus-related safety guidelines, including face masks and physical distancing, and gallery staff routinely wipe down all hard surfaces.