Smash Sacramento

Need to work out a little frustration? Head to a rage room.
smash sacramento

Have you ever just wanted to beat the absolute hell out of something?

Welcome to Smash Sacramento, Sacramento’s “rage room,” where for $20 to $40 you can don safety gear, grab a weapon of choice and whale away.

“We created Smash to be a safe place where people can relieve stress or just let loose and have fun,” says Dave Messier, the Army veteran who co-owns Smash with his partner, Breanna Wilkie. “We started working with grievance groups, Wounded Warrior projects and youth impact programs. Now we cater to birthday parties, divorce parties, team-building events, date nights and more.”

The $20 (per person) package includes bottles, plates, a “small electronic” and VHS tape. The deluxe $40 package also includes a medium or large electronic, windshield and paintball gun. The electronics include everyone’s favorites from the office: computer towers, keyboards, scanners and—the bane of all existence—printers. Unfortunately, you can’t bring in your own stuff to destroy . . . no matter how much it deserves it.

smash sacramento

For either option, you can administer the punishment with baseball bats, crowbars, golf clubs, sledgehammers and even a mace bell. How much time you get in the room depends on your group size; sessions for 1-4 people are 20 minutes; sessions for 20 or more people last an hour.

Business has been so good that Smash now operates two locations, in Carmichael and downtown Sacramento. The Sacramento location also offers ax throwing with axes, tomahawks, and knives—just in case destroying a bunch of stuff doesn’t work out all the demons.

Of course, you’re welcome to sign up for a session even if you’re in a good mood.

“You don’t have to be angry to enjoy breaking things,” Wilkie says. “It’s always a great time, and you don’t have to clean up after.”

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