Shopping More Lightly


We 21st century Americans of modest or better means often are able to solve our problems or ease our difficulties by purchasing stuff. It probably is wishful thinking, however, to think we can buy our way to occupying a greener planet.

But we can try!

Here are some capital-region stores that place a premium on the sustainability of their products.

Specializes in wall art and greeting cards. It describes itself thus: “A marketplace for everything Sacramento made. We are a zero-waste, magical nonprofit. All our packaging can be returned to our retail store or picked up from your doorstep with a new same-day delivery order. We are a creative innovation center for sustainability building a circular economy . . . making sustainability easy.”

Atrium 916 – Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability
1020 Front St.

Caters and offers produce-box subscriptions. “Every single thing Goodful Inc. does is ultimately about creating harmony in our own bodies, amongst each other and in our relationship with the earth. Through Goodful Inc., [founder] Danielle Rinderknecht would like to expand her personal feeling of harmony so that more people can experience connectivity and alignment on all levels when eating, choosing or cultivating food.”

2837 36th St., Unit 1

nudge selling products

Sells a vast array of household products. “Nudge offers everything you need to start living a natural low-waste lifestyle and it is our goal to make you light up with excitement at what impact you can make! While zero waste is not completely possible, we strive to be the zero waste headquarters for Sacramento and beyond.”

Nudge Eco Store
1126 18th St.

Offers clothing, accessories, jewelry and more. “We are passionate about the impact each and every one of us has on this beautiful world—from humanity to the environment. We  believe in curating products designed ethically, sustainably, and with purpose. We want you to make a statement by shopping brands that make products the right way, uplifting everyone from the cotton grower to the customer.”

920 24th St.

Sells refillable lotions, potions and other products, reducing the number of plastic containers in circulation. “Refill Madness is a retail store based on the concept opposite of the throw-away culture where everyday products are purchased by weight and packaged in reusable containers. We offer locally made products that are biodegradable and eco friendly, decreasing our carbon and plastic footprint.”

Refill Madness
1828 29th St.

of land and sea selling products

Sells a few bath and laundry products. “Our products are sourced regionally when possible, but we love a small family business no matter what! These are made to last.”

Of Land and Sea
2660A 33rd St.