Sacramento Podcasts


Given that stay-at-home orders shut down businesses, forced us all inside and left us to our own handheld devices, it’s no wonder podcasts have flourished in this era of boredom, confusion and curiosity.

The traits that have made podcasts so essential during self-quarantine are the same traits that made podcasts popular even before a global crisis. Don’t want to be stuck alone with your thoughts during uncertain times? Then be stuck alone with the thoughts of someone else coming in through your earbuds. Walking has become your favorite (only) pastime? Might as well listen to a podcast to distract you. Want to improve yourself and learn a new skill? Pop on an instructional podcast and learn a foreign language in prep for your deferred travel plans.

In the spirit of supporting local (another imperative from our time staying at home), here are a few Sacramento-based podcasts to entertain you, inspire you or simply take your mind off your worries for a few minutes a day.



the drive podcast

The Drive: Hosted by Katie McCleary and with Capitol Public Radio backing, this motivating series of interviews with local leaders examines the personal experiences and intimate stories to illustrate how adversity and diversity spur on growth in individuals and their communities.

dare daniel podcast

Dare Daniel: Sacramento-based film critic and journalist Daniel Barnes and comedian Corky McDonell watch and review the movies so bad that listeners have to dare the hosts to sit through them. (Think “Norbit,” “Bio-Dome” and “Cats.”)

dying to ask podcast

Dying to Ask: KCRA news anchor and reporter Deirdre Fitzpatrick interviews inspiring celebrities, businesspeople and scientists on topics ranging from how to how to declutter your home to what it’s like to go a year without sugar.

good bottle podcast

Good Bottle Podcast: Laid-back and conversational in style, this show from two alcohol-industry insiders offers insight into the spirits business as well as savvy recommendations for what bottles to buy next.

dregs of craigs podcast

Dregs of Craigs: Three sharp-witted friends find endless ways to riff on some of the most hilarious and unbelievable listings they find on local Craiglist.

uc davis kids considered podcast

Kids Considered: Two pediatricians at UC Davis Children’s Hospital discuss recommendations and policies related to children’s health in an entertaining fashion and in simple, nonmedical language, with each episode dedicated to a specific topic relevant to parents or those interested in health care.

phil my heart podcast

Phil My Heart: In this irreverent comedy show, two Sacramento stand-up comedians recap and then riff on episodes of “Dr. Phil.”