Right Now: Wildflowers by the River


To catch a glimpse of wildflower blooms before they fade away, head out to Folsom. Park in the Historic District and walk down the hill and across the truss bridge—no cars, just bikes, scooters and pedestrians crossing the greenish-blue American River alongside the Rainbow Bridge. On the other side of the truss bridge, turn right onto the bike path and you’ll soon see masses of poppies and lupine and other bright blooms among the green grasses. We were out yesterday late afternoon, 75 degrees and splashed with spring sunshine, and the wind rippled the river and meadows and threatened to carry away our visored hats. After about a three-minute walk from the bridge, a flower-lined trail off to the right leads down the bluff toward the boulders and the water. Shoes with good tread will help you maintain footing as you pick your way down among the blossoms to a rocky lookout point. You’ll encounter fat black bees feasting on pollen, and you’ll want to keep your eyes open for snakes (always possible). Remember: Don’t pick the poppies! But go now, because by next week, the flowers might not be as vibrant.

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