Resources From UCD Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Office


For people wishing to gain more knowledge about race-related matters, the UC Davis office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has compiled a list of Resources for Race-Related Trauma. In Vice Chancellor Renetta Garrison Tull’s call to action on the department’s website, she stated:

“Across the country, we’ve seen the messages that say that we are in this together and we have to declare that it is not enough to say it. Our actions must reveal it. This means that we care for one another, and that includes caring about people whom we don’t even know, or people who have different lived experiences.  . . . We can increase our caring and understanding, be upstanding in our treatment (and the observation of others’ treatments) of fellow human beings, and most importantly, we must choose to recognize, cherish, and facilitate everyone’s opportunity to think, to breathe, and to live.”

The office’s list of resources includes a 15-minute video (, links to local organizations, reading lists, specific articles and papers, and assistance for mental health. To view this extensive collection of helpful links, go to