Quail Eggs at the Co-op

quail eggs

Quail eggs are now available at Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. The tiny porcelain-blue eggs, $10.99 for a box of 15, come from GullyRumpus Farm in Rancho Cordova. According to farmer Linda Easton, they taste like a richer version of a chicken egg, with a higher yolk-to-white ratio and more protein, fat, iron and riboflavin than a chicken egg. Each little egg has 14 calories, compared to the chicken egg’s 75 calories. “They make a good high-protein snack,” she says.

What can you make with a quail egg, aside from the world’s tiniest omelet? Boiled, poached or fried, they can go in salads and ramen or on top of street tacos and sliders. They also make “adorable bite-sized deviled eggs,” says Easton, who raises Japanese Coturnix quail at GullyRumpus Farm.

quail eggs on shelf

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op is at 2820 R St. For more information about GullyRumpus Farm, go to www.gullyrumpus.com.