Pickleball for Dummies

pickleball for dummies cover

It’s a fun game with a silly name, and a new “For Dummies” book, co-written by four pickleball-loving Sacramentans, promises to serve up plenty of valuable information about how—and why—to play.

Mo Nard and Reine Steel, certified pickleball teaching pros and co-founders of Positive Dinking, and Diana and Carl Landau, founders of Pickleball Media and hosts of “I Used to be Somebody” podcast, co-wrote “Pickleball For Dummies” (John Wiley and Sons, Inc.; ISBN# 9781119895138; $24.95). The book introduces wanna-be players—and further enlightens experienced ones—to the game that’s taking the nation by storm. In just the past two years, the popularity of pickleball has grown by almost 40%, according to a report by the Sports & Fitness Industry Association. Courts and clubs have cropped up everywhere and some 5 million Americans play.

It’s no mystery why: All you need are a couple of paddles, a ball and a positive attitude. You could even play for free at a number of community parks. (Go here for a list of city parks with pickleball courts.)

With chapters on beginning, intermediate and advanced play, “Pickleball For Dummies” covers how and where to play, drills, dinking (what exactly is dinking?), strategies to help you improve your game and plenty more. It’s 448 pages, and quite possibly the most comprehensive guide to the game in existence.

Pick up or order a copy from one of our local bookstores, including Capital Books, Avid Reader, East Village Bookshop, Ruby’s in Folsom and Face in a Book in El Dorado Hills. Or, of course, on Amazon and other online retailers. For more information, go here.