Pet Mania: Specialty Dog Food in Sac

Looking for special dog chow? Here are four places to find it.
dog food

If bagged and canned don’t cut it in your doghouse, try one of these for custom-made pet food.

Healthy Hounds Kitchen

This East Sac establishment uses only USDA-certified meats and produce in its custom-made creations. Each meal is minimally cooked and available fresh or frozen. They even make dog treats. During non-COVID times, watch them work in their exhibition-style kitchen. 3608 McKinley Blvd.; (916) 346-4416;

Mad Butcher Meat Company

Using ingredients such as chia seeds and organic fruits and vegetables, Mad Butcher Meat Company’s raw pet food line, Wholesome Raw Pet Food, has something for dogs, cats, even snakes. 6480 Florin Perkins Road; (916) 383-4943;

Paws and the Palette

Looking for a birthday cake for your dog? Look no further than Pups and the Palette, which makes a variety of organic sweet treats—some of them vegan—for your sweet pup and a few for your feline friend. 1014 24th St.; (916) 337-3370;

V. Miller Meats

The next time you’re picking up pork belly or handmade sausage at this specialty butcher shop in East Sacramento, grab some custom dog food for your best friend. 4801 Folsom Blvd.; (916) 400-4127;

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