Paint Your Own Pet

Photos courtesy of Rachel Trujillo
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Rachel’s Pet Portraits is a Sacramento-based business that was started in 2011. Founder Rachel Trujillo earned her bachelor’s degree in both painting and art history at Sonoma State University and participated in “Wide Open Walls” as a muralist. She has had 10 years of experience teaching art to children and adults as a preschool teacher, in elementary after school programs, as well as with various non-profits throughout Sacramento.

pop your pet paint

Trujillo’s “Pet Pawty” events have a nice, intimate twist. Unlike a typical paintbynumber canvasthe image painted will be a picture of your own pet. Submit photos of your pet and she will sketch your own custom-made design.

paint party

There are two different styles taught at these “pawties”—POP and realism painting. “POP Your Pet Pawty! involves more of an Andy Warhol style, while Paint Your Pet Pawty! is geared toward realism. Both are simple because I pre-draw each furbaby with fine detail while guiding each student every step of the way!” says Trujillo.

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This event is $40. Details and tickets are available through Eventbrite, or stay up to date by following Trujillo’s Instagram  and website.

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