Oh, Baby!


Joshua (pictured above)—This simple-looking pose is hard to achieve. For safety, the baby must be sound asleep, and the dad must be strong enough to hold the infant in one hand, arm fully extended. “I’ll only do it if the parents request it,” says Carmel. This little guy was perfect for the shot. “He was totally conked out.”


Emilia—This 13-day-old infant was wide-awake for most of the four-hour photo session, Carmel recalls. In fact, the baby was crying while this photo was taken. “It turned out OK,” says Carmel, who photographed the baby cupped tenderly in her father’s hands. “You can see how small she is. I really like the contrast of the man’s rough, muscular hands and the baby’s smooth skin.”

Gianna—Carmel posed this slumbering infant on a beanbag covered with a soft blanket. “If babies are well-fed and warm, you can really do just about anything with them,” she says. The shoot took place outdoors. “The grandma was freaking out. I dragged my heater outside, even though it was summer. I’m very conscious of keeping the babies comfortable.”

Jennie—This photo also was taken outdoors—during winter in Colfax. “It had just snowed,” Carmel recalls. The couple, high school sweethearts who married young and waited 20 years before starting a family, are among her favorite clients. Jennie is their second child. “They are so in love with each other and with their kids, and I really wanted to capture that. They were totally into it.”