No Limits – Haley Titus

haley titus
Photo by Susan Yee.

Haley Titus is a versatile artist who does it all: large-scale murals, commissioned paintings, wallpaper, textiles and more. “There definitely are a lot of challenges to learning a different industry, whether it’s jewelry or ceramics,” says Titus, who has collaborated with local jewelry maker Noelle Walsh and pottery studio Echeri Ceramics in addition to designing her own line of lifestyle products.

Whatever the project, Titus infuses it with a style that is fresh and fun. “I would describe my aesthetic as light and airy. I love white space. I love to water down paint, to add in translucency. I love repetitive patterns and large splashes of color.” Bold botanicals are also a mainstay in her work, whether that’s a pendant necklace or a building façade.

“I try to apply the same design process to each project and be open to making mistakes and seeing that if you stick with it, hopefully it will be something people will want in their home,” explains Titus, who plans one day to offer seasonal lines of home goods—fabric, wallpaper, pillows—in coordinated collections. You can see her work at