NeighborGood Market

NeighborGood Market
Photo by Gabriel Teague

There’s a way to boost a small business, help local farmers and support schoolchildren,
all while filling your fruit bowl or scoring a vintage sweater.

A new farmers market, called NeighborGood Market, is up and running on Sunday
mornings on the grounds of David Lubin Elementary School in East Sacramento. Unlike
large markets that draw from the region, NeighborGood Market, a nonprofit run by
Unseen Heroes, is geared toward serving a neighborhood by highlighting its own small
businesses, including musicians.

“We’re not focused on profit. We’re focused on getting a place for these businesses,”
says Kristen Carney, market brand manager for NeighborGood Market. “It’s a way to
bring together communities and commerce.”

shopping at the NeighborGood Market
Photo by Gabriel Teague

In the courtyard of David Lubin on a recent Sunday, browsers could find coffee,
plant seedlings, pork sausage from a family farm and Zesty Garlic Herb Mix from Jolly
Trading Co. to spice it up. A school bus converted to a mobile showroom was filled with
vintage clothing—yes, you’ll find your mother’s favorite pullover here. The school gets
10 percent of the stall fees, which go to activities like field trips and other extras.

Each of the locations run by NeighborGood Market—three so far—reflects the neighborhood. The West Sacramento location, also newly opened, will feature visits from
Dinger, the Sacramento River Cats mascot. An Elk Grove location is already open.

Though tailored for their locations, the markets’ general lineup offers fresh produce,
baked goods, hot food, food trucks and family entertainment.

NeighborGood Market is working to expand locations and offerings as more vendors
become available and as more small businesses, such as Midtown’s Jolly Trading Co.,
find out about a welcoming venue. Says Carney: “If you’re a brand-new business, come
to our market.”

shopping at the NeighborGood Market
Photo by Gabriel Teague