Mural Festival

wide open walls Nosego
Artist: Nosego

What with months of the relentless virus and now weeks of smoky air, have we ever felt more trapped in our homes? What some of us could really use right now is a picker-upper, something that makes us want to put on a mask and venture outdoors and gives us reason to smile and feel hopeful for the future.

As it has done for millennia, art comes to the rescue!

For the fifth summer in a row, Wide Open Walls has assembled a squad of creative people to produce public art throughout the capital city. Starting this Thursday, Sept. 10, and running through Sunday, Sept. 20,  each day from 11 a.m. to as late as 8 p.m., you will have the opportunity to witness artworks as they unfold on buildings’ exterior walls and other public spots.

During its first four years, the festival resulted in more than 80 permanent works and 250 temporary ones. Here is how the organization’s website describes the festival:

Wide Open Walls brings underserved neighborhoods public art that encourages a sense of pride and identity; provides community gathering spaces; generates impactful, measurable economic growth for our region; and promotes greater cultural understanding and appreciation amongst diverse groups.

mural festival
Artist Jon Doe, Photographer Jane Anderson

This year’s participating artists are Brandon AlexanderMelissa ArendtLisa EliasChristian GarciaBrandon GastinellPaige MaureenLee McCormickShonna McDanielsLily Mott, Michele MurtaughDiana OrmanzhiCheyenne RandallMadelyne Joan TempletonAna Valentine and Bryan Valenzuela.

Sacramento resident Valentine describes her art this way: “I paint flowers because they face the sunny side of life, rain or shine. How will you grow?

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